Paul Giamatti Talks 'Bubba Nosferatu' Status

Paul Giamatti
The proposed prequel/sequel to Bubba Ho-Tep has been gestating for a few years now.  The original film, directed by Don Coscarelli, told the story of an aging (and alive) Elvis (played by cult icon Bruce Campbell) living in a nursing home and battling evil forces with a black JFK.

Now the prequel, currently titled Bubba Nosferatu: Curse of the She-Vampires, is said to tell the story of a younger Elvis filming a movie in Louisiana when he comes afoul a coven of she-vampires.

In a recent interview, actor Paul Giamatti (who is attached to co-star) updated everyone on the status of the film.
What’s going on with the Bubba Ho-Tep sequel, Bubba Nosferatu?

GIAMATTI: When I first met Don, it was just through funny circumstances. We got together and he told me he had the idea for a sequel to that, and I read the script, which was great. I don’t know how much I would want to give away about it, though. The part I would play would be Colonel Parker, who was Elvis’ manager, and it was always a sinister relationship between the two of them, with how he had such control over him. The movie answers that question. It’s a vampire movie, and that’s part of how he has a hold over him. It’s a fantastic script! It’s different from the other one, but it’s still all about aging and compromising yourself. The way Bubba Ho-Tep was about getting old, this one’s about being middle-aged, in a great way. I hope that maybe we can still get it done ‘cause it’s a really great script.
Source: Collider