Corey Feldman Talks 'Goonies 2', Hopes To Return To 'Friday The 13th' Franchise

Corey Feldman sat down with Ambush Bug of Ain't It Cool News to discuss his new film Six Degrees of Hell.  And interestingly enough, the conversation turned to the possibility of Feldman returning to the Friday the 13th franchise to reprise his role as Tommy Jarvis in a final showdown with Jason Voorhees (something Feldman has actually favored for at least a decade now).

And, of course, the big question: Is Goonies 2 going to happen?  According to Feldman, Sean Astin is sure it'll happen, Josh Brolin says no, it'll never happen -- but Feldman, himself, stays optimistic about the project.
BUG: Would you ever revisit another role…. I know you’ve revisited THE LOST BOYS a couple of times, but would you ever revisit a role like in FRIDAY THE 13th as Tommy Jarvis all grown up? Is that something you would do?

CF: Well not only is it something I would do, but it’s something that I’ve been involved for many years trying to get on its feet. I’ve had many meetings…. As a matter of fact with Barney Cohen, the writer from the original FRIDAY THE 13th: FINAL CHAPTER from which I appeared in and I’ve actually created the concept, which we’ve been pitching around to the studios to do a FRIDAY THE 13th update, like an H2O type approach. I think we would all like to see Tommy Jarvis grown up and having a rematch with Jason. I mean if there was one more horror film that I would add to my list of things that I would have to do in my career, that would definitely be one. That is the film that needs to be made. FRIDAY THE 13th: PART 13 TOMMY VS. JASON.

BUG: Definitely, yeah. I would love to see that. That would be fantastic.

CF: In 3D of course.

BUG: Of course. Also I wanted to ask, I know there were talks for a while there about THE GOONIES and a possibility of getting back together and doing something like that. Has that been discussed at all lately?

CF: (Laughs) It’s always discussed. Will it ever happen? Probably not. I mean it’s always a matter of opinion. If you asked Sean Astin “It is happening.” If you asked Josh Brolin, “It’s never going to happen.” If you asked me, I’d say “Hey, anything is possible, but don’t bank on it.”
Source: AICN