20th Centruy Fox Has A Trailer For First Locally Produced Korean Film 'Running Man'

Running Man is the first Korean film completely invested by a Hollywood company with the honors going to juggernaut 20th Century Fox.

Here is the synopsis for the film:

Cha Jong-woo (Shin Ha-kyun) used to be a petty criminal who is now trying to be a better man and a good father to his son. But when he witnesses a brutal murder, he is falsely accused of the crime and is forced to go on the run. With the whole nation watching, Jong-woo is chased through the streets of Seoul by the authorities, the media and the killers responsible for the murder, trying desperately to survive long enough to clear his name.

The film will be released in South Korea first on April 4, 2013 with a US date to be determined later.

Check out the trailer below!

Even though it is just a 30 second trailer, the film does look promising.  If the title is any indication, you can expect lots of action.  I'll definitely be on the lookout for this one.