Colin Farrell To Join Anthony Hopkins In 'Solace'

Just to clarify, this will most likely be our last update concerning Solace, as it is no longer a sequel to Seven (thank god) -- yes, it's back to being its own standalone film.

According to a script review from a few years ago, the film is about a semi-psychic doctor who works with the FBI to help catch a serial killer.  Originally, after the film was rewritten to be a Seven sequel, the role of the doctor was going to be Morgan Freeman's character from the film (who is somehow now psychic).

But, the film was recently reverted back to its roots, a standalone film, where now Anthony Hopkins is playing the psychic doctor who is helping the FBI catch the serial killer (most likely Farrell).  Hmm, now where have we seen a movie where Hopkins plays a doctor helping the FBI catch a killer?  Silence of the Lambs.
Colin Farrell is closing a deal to star with Anthony Hopkins in Solace, the supernatural thriller that Afonso Poyart (Two Rabbits) will direct with production to begin in May. The film will be sold at Berlin by FilmNation’s Glen Basner, and domestic distribution rights are also up for grabs and are being repped by UTA.
Source: Deadline