'Curse Of Chucky' Backstory, Plot Rumors

Now this is purely speculation and may hold no merit whatsoever, but it is interesting.  I came across something rather intriguing regarding the new Child's Play sequel Curse of Chucky -- possible further details on the plot for the film.

Perhaps a little more backstory, and some more Charles Lee Ray in human form:
Online friend of mine claims that Chucky is brought back by his sister 'Sarah', to carry out a soul transfer for Nica so she can have a healthy body, something he supposedly promised to do before he was caught out by the cops thanks to Barb & company.
Seems like something that just may, in fact, be true.  But, nevertheless, this is just a rumor at the moment -- no confirmation whatsoever.

Curse of Chucky hits DVD and Blu-ray October 2013.

Source: Pride of Chucky user "darkdean"