'Contagion 2' Could Morph Into TV Series

Steven Soderberg and Scott Z. Burns teamed up in 2011 to bring life to Contagion, a viral thriller starring Matt Damon, Jude Law, Kate Winslet, Laurence Fishburne, Gwyneth Paltrow and Marion Cottilard.  There were rumored and confirmed plans for Contagion 2 never really picked up much steam -- but the idea for the sequel never seemed to diminish.  Now, it seems that the powers-that-be are wanting to turn the sequel into a TV series.

Here's a little of what screenwriter Scott Z. Burns touched on with the film-to-TV project...
We’ve been talking about turning it into a TV series and I think it may have a life there. It has some of the properties inherently like ‘Homeland’ and ‘24’ where you can really explore outbreaks and pandemics in interesting ways. Like this story, they take you to unexpected places, whether it’s drug companies or governments or scientists or people with political agendas. All of these things, once they’re out there, can be coopted from a lot of different angles.
Source: ComingSoon