Will 'American Pie 5' Actually Happen?

After the release of American Wedding in 2003, the American Pie franchise spiraled into direct-to-video hell, the first installment being American Pie Presents: Band Camp in 2005, followed by The Naked Mile, Beta House and ending with The Book of Love in 2009.

But, finally, in 2010, plans arose for a fourth theatrical sequel, a sequel that would reuinite the entire cast from the first movie (which slowly dwindled in subsequent sequels) -- and in 2011, American Reunion was released. It was a fantastic, nostalgic, throwback to the '90s in so many ways: the music, the characters...it was all there. It was a legitimate reunion for the franchise.

And it was immediately suspected afterwards that plans for a possible fifth theatrical sequel were underway. Although Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg were contracted for a sequel, no real plans for a fifth installment have been revealed.

Which brings me to this conclusion: should they just wait another 10+ years before another chapter? The films have touched on high school, college, marriage and a high school reunion -- there really isn't much to tell anymore, unless a bit of time passes, and even then is there really a story to tell?

Now, of course, all this is purely speculation. The studio could very well be hard at work developing a sequel right now, or they could have forgotten about it altogether.

What do you think? Will an American Pie 5 actually happen?