Joe Carnahan Out As Director Of 'Death Wish' Remake

Wait, there is going to be a Death Wish remake? 

Anyway, Joe Carnahan WAS the director of The Death Wish remake but word now has it that Universal made it quite difficult for the The A-Team director.

Bruce Willis was cast as the family man turned vigilante made famous by Charles Bronson in the original Death Wish films but Carnahan wanted someone else to play the role.

Who did he want?  He may have wanted Liam Neeson for the role as his recent track record suggests since he has worked with the actor on The A-Team and The Grey so while Bruce Willis is no stranger to being a box office champion, he probably just had a different vision of the role with no disrespect to Willis.

What do you think? Who would you want to play the lead role in the Death Wish remake?

Source: Beyond Hollywood
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