Buzz'd: Reviewing 'Dexter' From Start To Finish, Every Episode

With the official word coming yesterday that this, the 8th season of Showtime's Dexter, will be it, the finale, we here at Sequel Buzz have decided to review Dexter in its entirety -- starting with season 1 episode 1.

What's going to be a little different about this, though, is that we're starting something new here.  We're launching a new subsection of SB called Buzz'd, where readers and fans alike will have the opportunity to contribute to the project.  With this Dexter series review, I will you, the fans, and opportunity to choose which episode you want to review.  We'll do this one season at a time (and with no certain launch date set yet).

We think this can be a fun opportunity to see how others view certain episodes and whatnot.  So let's get this started!

Season 1

01: Dexter
02: Crocodile
03: Popping Cherry
04: Let's Give the Boy a Hand
05: Love American Style
06: Return to Sender
07: Circle of Friends
08: Shrink Wrap
09: Father Knows Best
10: Seeing Red
11: Truth Be Told
12: Born Free

Above is a list of all episodes from the first season.  Please e-mail me directly with any review submissions and we'll get this ball rolling!

Also, here's the sneak peek at the new (8th) season of Dexter!