Mary Jane Recast, Green Goblin Revealed For 'Amazing Spider-Man 2'

Sarah Gadon

Consider this a spoiler-filled post, if you will, but it'll eventually be non-news anyway.  Not only has Shailene Woodley been dropped from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 as Mary Jane Watson, but she has already been recast.  Welcome aboard, Sarah Gadon.  Rumor(s) has/had it that Gadon won't just be in Amazing Spider-Man 3, but she'll be reshooting Woodley's scenes for 2.

Dane DeHaan

Furthermore, since Norman and Harry Osborn make appearances in this new sequel, and the Green Goblin is a villain we're expecting, we were left wondering who would actually be playing the Goblin.  The answer...Harry.  Dane DeHaan, who is playing Harry, has been spotted on set wearing the Goblin garb.  My guess is that ole Greeny is just making a small cameo at the end of movie, only to be featured as the main baddie in Amazing Spider-Man 3.

Source: Movieweb
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