Kind Of Epic Show: Gencon: The Best Four Days In Gaming Get Kind Of Epic!

This show is all about the Best four days in gaming and our best four interviews!

Which includes academy games and their Canadian invasion and general dropping of knowledge bombs related to the war of 1812.

We join the Vox Pupuli at the Plaid Hat games booth to interview Isaac Vega. He is designer behind Bioshock Infinite:The Siege of Columbia! Which we hope means Kind of Epic Show will soon be broadcasting via airship or dimensional tear.

We also have our first ever interview with talking sheep. Actually our first interview with talking animals of any kind. Those are our new friends at Mayfair Games great Bob and Angus Show.

And last but not least we talk to one of the designers of Cards Against Humanity! In which we work very hard to develop and even filthier sequel we have dubbed depends.

(disclaimer Depends is not a real game and for the love of all thats holy never will be)

As usual Keep it Epic Ladies and Gentleman! Follow us on twitter and facebook @kindofepicshow and welcome all of our new stitcher and windows store listeners!