Review: 'The Wolverine' (2013)

The Wolverine is back as Hugh Jackman reprises the lead role of Logan in Marvel Comics’ X-Men series, predicted to be one of the top movies of the summer. You had better put this film on your movie calendar for the summer and fall. I’ll tell you why!

In the beginning of The Wolverine, we see our superhero living in isolation, committing himself to a peaceful existence in order to escape his painful past. After being forced to kill someone he cared about -- Jean Grey -- in The Last Stand movie, he just has to get away and lick his wounds. Yeah, right! Like this guy can stay away from violence. And of course that’s what makes The Wolverine one of the top movies of the summer of 2013. A must see for X-Men fans!

This movie gets off the ground quickly, as Logan won’t be left alone. Trying to hide from his healing powers and darn near immortality, which he sees as a curse, he would rather just stay to himself. But his super powers will play a role once again. When Yashida urges Logan to return to Japan so he can thank him for saving his life, the excitement begins. Okay, so Yashida doesn’t really want to thank Logan. He has an ulterior motive. He is dying and wants to transfer Logan’s healing powers to himself. Heck, no, says Logan, in so many words.

After Yashida dies, our hero gets involved with Yashida’sson, Shringen, and granddaughter, Mariko. Logan tries to help out Shringen, whose father left his company to Mariko’s fiancĂ© instead of to his own son. What!

Logan and Mariko hide out at one point and start falling for each other. Our superhero must have romance, you know. That will be short-lived, however, as the fleeing and fighting and violence take over.

Logan must fight the mutant Viper as well as the Silver Samurai who brings to light the mystery around the powerful Yashida’s death. How it all turns out and whether Logan will find peace and return to the solitary life is in question.

Many look at Jackman’s character in The Wolverine as a raging battle within the man himself rather than outside his physical body. Although Logan fights a plethora of real enemies, he continues to battle his own internal demons, haunted by the death—and his hand in it—of Jean Grey in the previous adventure. The film looks at morality through Logan’s conflict within himself as well as the relationships of the other characters with whom he interacts.

The Wolverine is a movie that must go on the movie calendar for the summer. Of course, any Wolverine and X-Men fans must be there in attendance! But with the complex storyline imbedded in the interaction of the characters, this movie will appeal to a wider audience than just Marvel superhero fans. Fans will appreciate the spectacular scenes, the incredible sword-fighting, and even be treated with a touch of humor in several of the scenes and a number of classic lines.

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