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'Scream 5' Still A Possibility

Scream 5  may not be dead after all.  Harvey Weinstein is actually trying to talk his brother, Bob, into doing a fifth.  At hi… Read more

Kind Of Epic Show: Thor Is Catching Fire

In this by now Spoiler free edition of Kind of Epic Show our hosts force the Hungry citizens of the Districts of Panem and t… Read more

Kind Of Epic Show: Livetaping The Undead: Hell Walks The Earth!

We celebrated our screening of Hell Walks the Earth and Darksyde Hell Walks the Earth Two by recording our first ever live t… Read more

Kind Of Epic Show: Thank You Doctor

The most Epic event in history of The Doctor Who 50th anniversary! The Doctor's day may have come and pas… Read more

Kind Of Epic Show: KOES Special: Bullying In Professional Sports

In light of the Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito Bullying Scandal in the headlines this week, Chance and Andrew take thi… Read more

The '22 Jump Street' Trailer Is Here

The trailer for 22 Jump Street , the sequel to the surprise hit 21 Jump Street , is finally here! Read more

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