With the unfortunate and untimely death of Harold Ramis and the unwillingness of Bill Murray, it is inevitable that a “Ghostbusters” reboot is on the horizon and not a second sequel. But, there’s still room to please both mediums.

I’ve always argued the case that a reboot and sequel can exist within the same movie. A few recent examples: “Scream 4”, “Texas Chainsaw 3D” and “Evil Dead”. The same could work for a third “Ghostbusters” film as well. “Scream 4” made the cut because if you were to remove the original trio from the film, it still works as a standalone movie.

It has been known that a “Ghostbusters III” would deal with a passing-of-the-torch scenario. This is still very much a possibility. Only now the film could just hit the ground running with a new fleet of Ghostbusters already on the job – but struggling, albeit. Through background imagery, a quick montage or even a cameo or two it could be explained how this new fleet was recruited.

This new movie has a lot to work and a lot of real-life current pop culture could influence the story. Perhaps the Ghostbusters struggle to find work because there are now hundreds of paranormal investigation teams out on the prowl. It’s just going to take one big case to put the team back in the spotlight.

Casting is huge. There needs to be familiar, likable faces attached to these roles. After all, if you’re going to do a “Ghostbusters” film without Ramis, Murray and Aykroyd, you’d better deliver something worthy of paying admission prices.