Enter To Win A Blockbuster Copy Of HALLOWEEN On VHS

Sequel Buzz is giving away one free copy of Halloween on Blockbuster Presents VHS!  Now some of our younger readers may not even know what Blockbuster is/was.  It was a video rental super giant that peaked in the late '90s.  And we have here a pretty cool relic from the era -- an old VHS from the "glory days" of video rental.

Here's how to enter:
Entry is free, that's first and foremost.  All that is required to enter is to submit a photo of yourself or a display of the Halloween antagonist Michael Myers holding a Sequel Buzz sign.  Feel free to get creative with this.  The winner will be voted by you, the readers.

Winner will receive the VHS pictured.  It has been tested and does work.

Please e-mail all submissions to nick@sequel-buzz.com.

Deadline: Friday, June 13, 2014

Ready, set, go!
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