Father’s Day Gifts: Top 5 Movies You Must Watch With Your Family

Ah, it’s finally summertime. It’s the time to grab all your friends and go for a nice refreshing dip in the pool, trying to avoid the heat of the sun while still getting a sun-kissed glaze on your delicate skin. But when the sun goes down, what’s next? A trip down to the movies, of course! Check out these top 5 movies you must watch this summer and you won’t regret it!

1. Father's Day Gifts: MAN OF STEEL

People were skeptical when they saw the trailer for Man of Steel. After all, Man of Steel kind of looked like another superhero movie that wouldn’t make the cut. But after its release on June 14th, there was nothing but phenomenal reviews of this movie’s outstanding performance. If you think Man of Steel is a horrid recreation of Superman, think again. This thrilling, compelling, action-packed show takes typical superhero movies to an exciting new level. Be ready to be kept on your heels throughout the entire movie!

2. Father's Day Gifts: THE LONE RANGER

Calling all Johnny Depp fans! If you loved The Pirates of the Caribbean, then there’s really not a single doubt you won’t fall head over heels for The Lone Ranger. This action filled show is exactly what you need to get your Johnny Depp fill while still enjoying a heavily enthralling movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

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3. Father's Day Gifts: KICK-ASS 2

Kick-Ass, the sequel? I’m already holding my sides and wiping the tears from my eyes. Let the laughter began! If you liked the original Kick-Ass movie, you probably won’t have to think twice about seeing Kick-Ass 2. With the original comically-invigorated duo making a second appearance, you can bet this will be one heck of a funny movie!

4. Father's Day Gifts: THE GREAT GATSBY

We’ve all read the book. Now it’s time to see this magnificent book brought to life in ways we could have never dreamed. This enchanting movie has a unique combination of passion, drama, romance, and action to keep you intrigued throughout the entire film.

5. Father's Day Gifts: DESPICABLE ME 2

This is one for the kids! (And adults, too, I mean who could really turn down this adorable film?) Despicable Me 2 brings back the same, fun-loving and silly characters as the first movie in an all new adventure people of all ages can enjoy.

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