Giving In To Guilty Pleasures: MEMORIAL DAY

We have a holiday-themed slasher that takes place at a camp, some back-story involving a kid who drowned at the camp a few year back and a killer who is seeking some present-day revenge. Sounds good, right? Plot? Yes. If this sounds familiar, it's because it was first done in 1980 with the original "Friday the 13th". So, yeah, "Memorial Day" is a blatant ripoff -- and a guilty pleasure of mine!

"Memorial Day" was filmed in 1999 but wasn't released until 2005, when I finally layed my eyes on the cover art at my local Blockbuster (remember those?). It looked straight up like a "Friday the 13th" film. So like many others, I snatched it up.

The synopsis:
"Rachel hasn't slept for a while. A few years back, her brother was mysteriously killed while she and a group of friends partied by the lake side. Three years later, she and her friends must return to the same lake to finally put the nightmares to rest. To come to grips with what happened. To admit that it was just an accident. But someone is waiting for them. Someone who knows the truth. Someone who wants revenge. As night descends on their Memorial Day getaway, each individual must face an unstoppable killing machine with a serious hatchet to bury. As the body count rises, Rachel must discover whose face lies behind the murderous mask. Is it just a stranger in the woods? Or is it someone she already knows? This Memorial Day, the screaming doesn't stop until the last body drops."
Unlike Jason Voorhees of the "Friday the 13th" films, this killer also plays games with his victims, much like Jigsaw from the "Saw" franchise. Which is odd because I can't call that a ripoff, since the first "Saw" wasn't released until 2004 and "Memorial Day" filmed in 1999. Hmm.

Regardless, should you choose to give "Memorial Day" a chance, I hope you set the bar extremely low -- because then, and only then, will you come out entertained.

The song in the credits and on the DVD menu may go down as one of the all-time most offensive songs ever. That should be convincing enough to see this movie.

Today just happens to be Memorial Day, so you know what I'll be watching later!

Article originally published by Nick Meece on the Indianapolis Movie Examiner.
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