Joe Dante Almost Directed GODZILLA REBORN

This is sort of cool, there was almost a sequel to Godzilla 2000 and it was to be directed by none other than Joe Dante (Gremlins)!
A little known fact, however, is that an American-made sequel to the Japan-made GODZILLA 2000 MILLENNIUM was briefly floated — a low-budget (by Hollywood standards) project with man-in-suit effects to be produced by Toho technicians. GODZILLA REBORN was the brainchild of one Michael Schlesinger, who is well respected for his work distributing and supporting the preservation of classic films. Schlesinger is also an independent producer and director, whose short IT’S A FRAME-UP (2013), an ode to classic two-reel comedies, has received fine notices. Schlesinger produced and wrote the U.S. version of GODZILLA 2000, turning a rather turgid entry in the classic series into a high-spirited adventure, and it was following the completion of that project that the idea for GODZILLA REBORN was hatched. Schlesinger recently answered a few questions about this unique footnote in Godzilla history.
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