In 2007 a second sequel to one of the greatest baseball films of all time, The Sandlot, came about.  Even though this is Sandlot 3, technically, it works as a true, direct sequel as well -- The Sandlot: Heading Home.

Sucessful, arrogant baseball superstar Tommy "Santa" Santorelli travels back in time to 1976 and relives his boyhood days on the sandlot baseball team, and has the chance to this time choose friendship over glory.

My thoughts:
I can remember watching the original Sandlot over and over as a child.  Hell, I still adore the movie.  Needless to say, I was extremely disappointed with Sandlot 2, as should anyone.  But for Sandlot 3, actually quite enjoyed it and it was nice seeing Chauncey Leopardi back as the lovable Michael "Squints" Paladores.  Not as good as the first, but still has a lot of heart.


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