In honor of the new Leprechaun reboot Leprechaun: Origins, let's take a look back where the series took off and officially became a franchise...1994's Leprechaun 2.

On his 1000th birthday, a mean Leprechaun gets to choose a bride by making her sneeze three times, then she's his...only the bride he chooses is the daughter of his slave (who fouls up the wedding) so Leprechaun must wait until his 2000th birthday to claim the woman of his nightmares. The descendant of the woman he wanted to marry already has a boyfriend: a brave young boy named Cody, who lives with his swindler uncle Morty and together they run a tour company called Darkside Tours. Leprechaun soon wakes up, kills a bunch of people and kidnaps his bride to be. It's soon up to Cody to save her, and only wrought iron can destroy a Leprechaun. Morty has an idea, but it soon goes horribly wrong when he gets too greedy. Cody ventures into Leprechaun's home to save Bridget, but little does he know that a leprechaun's home has many surprises.

From Dylan Self on IMDb

My thoughts:
My biggest beef with this movie (and Leprechaun 3) for that matter, is that it isn't a direct sequel to the first movie.  Other than that, it has a lot of goodies like a haunted tour, the search for a bride and even ole Lep in the 'burbs.  The tone isn't full comedy yet in this installment, so it's pretty much on par with the first movie in that category.  I liked it, didn't love it.


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