Ron Perlman Talks HELLBOY 3; Was HELLBOY 2 Sequel Worthy?

Ron Perlman wants to do HELLBOY 3.  That's a given.  But do audience want one?  HELLBOY 2 grossed $160M on a $85M budget...barely a profit by Hollywood standards.

I'd like to not keep it going. I'd like to finish it, though. I'd like for there be a third film because the first two films set up for a huge resolve, and he (Guillermo del Toro) already understands what that resolve will kinda look like. He gave me a rather broad stroke sketch of what the third film would look like, and it's so epic. It's so deserved by the fans who hung in there for the first two, that I really feel as though it's essential that we make it. So, I fight for it every day. Sometimes I'm the only voice, and sometimes there are others, but I'm never gonna stop trying to get Hellboy 3 made.
Source: AITH, Red Carpet News
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