SHARKNADO Merchandise Is Here, It Was Inevitable

Remember that one time you were like, "Man, I wish I had some Sharknado boxers,"?  Well, they're here...
“Sharknado” plans a sharknado of merchandising: the Syfy movie and viral phenomenon has announced deals with more than 20 merchandising partners and licensees to put Sharknado merchandise in 1,000 retail outlets including Wal-Mart, Hot Topic to Spencer's.

Joined by The Asylum, the studio behind “Sharknado,” and the branding company Earthbound LLC, Syfy is about to find out if it can translate a hit TV movie and lots of social media attention into nationwide retail success. The merchandisenado coincides with the July 30 release of “Sharknado: The Second One.”
Source: TheWrap 
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