Chris Columbus To Produce GOONIES 2, GREMLINS Reboot

Longtime filmmaker Chris Columbus is back to not only produce THE GOONIES 2, but also the GREMLINS reboot!  Now what's cool is we're now leaning that the new GREMLINS will not be a straight-up remake, but of a true reboot: a sequel set 30 years later (think TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D).
UPDATE: We’ve heard from our good sources that the new Gremlins movie won’t be a remake, but a sequel-style reboot set 30 years after the original. Original post follows.

Chris Columbus may be going back to his roots. A new report indicates that he’s set to produce both the Gremlins remake and the Goonies sequel, having written the screenplays for the originals. Hit the jump for all the details.
Source: /Film 
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