Okay, so this isn't technically a sequel, but it does take place present-day, and it does acknowledge the events of the town of Sleepy Hollow circa 1799 -- so I think of this little gem as an unofficial sequel to Tim Burton's 1999 SLEEPY HOLLOW -- this is 2004's THE HOLLOW.

Restless spirits stir this Hollow's Eve, beckoning Ian Cranston, the last blood relative of Ichabod Crane, back to Sleepy Hollow. Thundering hooves unleash a wave of bone-chilling screams as the ghost of the Headless Horseman rides again! Ian must try to save the town and his girlfriend, Karen and determine whether the sword-wielding stalker is their clownish classmate, Brody in costume, or the dark rider himself. If it's truly the Headless Horseman... how do you kill what's already dead?

From Anonymous on IMDb

My thoughts:
Once again, I cannot tell a lie...I love THE HOLLOW.  I mean, it's miles behind Burton's SLEEPY HOLLOW, but it's fun in its own right.  I always a fan of Kevin Zegers, going back to his AIR BUD days, and I knew of Nick Carter and Kaley Cuoco was a relative unknown to me (at the time time).  It's kind of like JACK-O, but with an actual budget.


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