Okay, it's been, like, forever since we posted a Movie Sequel-a-Day article.  So, let's break that silence, shall we?  For today, let's take a look at a DTV camp slasher from 2003 that many say is far superior than its predecessor.  This is BLOODY MURDER 2: CLOSING CAMP.

Trevor Moorhouse returns! Coming to Placid Pines is difficult for Tracy, who's brother, Jason, was one of Trevor's victims near the end of the original. When Tracy's nightmares begin to come true as one by one the counselors are murdered. Someone is hunting them through the pitch-black Forest and is determined to kill them all.

From Wallace Entertainment on IMDb

My thoughts:
I'd be totally lying if I said I didn't absolutely ADORE this movie.  But hey, I'm a big fan of the original as well.  What's not to love about the "fictitious local psychopath" Trevor Moorehouse?  I love this series so much, that I even started the Bloody Murder Films website back in 2003!



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