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Today's sequel is a supreme guilty pleasure of mine (although I slightly prefer part two).  Of course, I'm referring to 1989's SLEEPAWAY CAMP III: TEENAGE WASTELAND -- filmed just weeks after SC2 wrapped. Breakdown: Angela is back, in the form of an angry inner-city camper on the hunt for blood. Camp New Horizons, on the recycled grounds of the former murders, intends to pair high-class teens with underclass counterparts. Angela, however, has a different plan. Will it be door number one, number two, or number three From on IMDb My thoughts: I knew SLEEPAWAY CAMP II had a small budget, but SLEEPAWAY CAMP III had an even smaller one -- and it doesn't really matter.  SC3 still manages to be highly entertaining and add to the story that SC2 continued.  One of my favorites, no question...and I'm absolutely thrilled that SC2 & 3 finally got a Blu-ray release. Trailer:

A New HALLOWEEN Is Coming...With John Carpenter!

Remember when we were are all kind of excited for HALLOWEEN RETURNS?  It was supposed to be the sequel/reboot we wanted --  but things sort of fell apart with that movie and no one really knew why -- until today. It has been announced that there is, in fact, a new HALLOWEEN going into production...with series creator John Carpenter attached as an executive producer and creative consultant...and he may also be doing to music. This.  Is.  Epic. We’re thrilled to announce that Michael has found a new home at last — thanks to the efforts of Blumhouse founder/CEO Jason Blum, HALLOWEEN franchise producer Malek Akkad, Miramax and Trancas International Films, who have just announced a team-up of historic proportions to bring a new HALLOWEEN to the big screen. But hang on for the best part… Tonight’s press gathering included a surprise appearance by none other than the father of HALLOWEEN himself, John Carpenter, who took the stage to confirm that he’s officially signed onto the n