Today's sequel was one that looked to shed light on one of cinema's greatest horror villains and his past.  It was goofy, "scary," and sometimes just weird.  This is 1991's Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare.

In part six of the Nightmare on Elm Street series, dream monster Freddy Krueger has finally killed all the children of his hometown, and seeks to escape its confines to hunt fresh prey. To this end, he recruits the aid of his (previously unmentioned) daughter. However, she discovers the demonic origin of her father's powers and meets Dad head-on in a final showdown (originally presented in 3-D).

From David Thiel on IMDb

My thoughts:
FD surely isn't my favorite in the series, but it's certainly not the worst (well, maybe).  But it's still super fun and a staple among early '90s slashers.


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