TV: 'Frasier' Adds Two More Cast Members

Two more faces have joined the Frasier sequel series that's headed to Paramount+. Anders Keith will be playing the son of Niles and Daphne. Jess Salgueiro will play Freddy's roommate, Eve. 

Keith will star as David, Frasier’s nephew. The character is the son of Niles and Daphne from the original show who was born during the two-part series finale. Now an adult, David is described as “an awkward college freshman with a penchant for off-kilter observations. Frasier’s nephew David has Niles’ intelligence, Daphne’s smile, and neither of their polish. David’s unearned confidence may confuse some, but Frasier has a fondness for his nephew’s earnest enthusiasm.”

Salgueiro will star as Eve, Freddy’s (Cutmore-Scott) roommate. Eve is described as “spontaneous, outgoing and bursting with creative energy whether it was asked for or not. Eve is a breath of fresh air. With an innate ability to connect with both Frasier and Freddy, Eve is a critical bridge between father and son as they attempt to reconcile.”

Source: Variety 

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