'Violent Night 2' In Early Development

Things move orettt quickly nowadays. Violent Night 2, a sequel to the David Harbour hit, is in early, active, development. 

“We have time to really crack the script and figure out the story,” Wirkola said. “And we have some ideas, me and Pat and Josh and the producers, we’ve been talking about where we want to take it and what we want to see.”

As for the story, expect to see a lot more of the traditional Santa Claus mythology, but with a “Violent Night” twist.

“There’s stuff we left on the floor like the North Pole, Mrs. Claus, the elves,” Wirkola said. (The original film was set largely at a Connecticut mansion under siege from the villains.) “But story-wise I think we have a really, really cool idea that expands on the world and scope, but still keeping that tone that we love from the first one.”

Source: TheWrap 

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