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Erin 2

By Army Archerd, Daily Variety Senior Columnist HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - A sequel to ``Erin Brockovich?'' Why not? Julia … Read more

Hannibal Talk

Ridley Scott spoke to Cinescape contributor Cindy Pearlman for her syndicated column, the director revealed his take on Foster e… Read more

Blair Witch 2 filming

MSNBC reported a story that James Adams tracked down the production of the Blair Witch sequel. The story noted that security on … Read more

No I Know 3

I get a lot of mail saying I should have an I KNOW 3 page, but there are no plans to make one! Freddie said he won't come … Read more

Another Bad Tomato

According to Variety, Andy Fickman has signed on board to write the script for Attack of the Killer Tomatoes 2, a sequel to the … Read more

Blade 2 gets director

The sequel to the 1998 hit vampire flick "Blade" will be directed by Guillermo del Toro, according to Variety. Wesle… Read more

Shaft report

Aint It Cool News got this scoop about the new Shaft film. The plot is not too predictable, not too original. It takes some ro… Read more

Mummy 2 set report

Darkhorizons got this scoop about Pre Production on Mummy 2. "Construction is starting on the sets at Pinewood. There'… Read more

More sequels announced

Last week at the ShoWest convention in Las Vegas, Fox confirmed several much-rumored projects, including the Tim Burton Planet o… Read more

Matrix 2 and 3 news

Keanu Reeves will be getting around $20 Million for both of the Matrix sequels. "We are going to do Matrix 2 and Matrix 3… Read more

Men in Black 2 in works

The long-rumored Men in Black 2 could be moving forward. Last week at ShoWest it was announced that the project is a "defin… Read more

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