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Erin 2

By Army Archerd, Daily Variety Senior Columnist HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - A sequel to ``Erin Brockovich?'' Why not? Julia Roberts told me it's her favorite film. And the real Brockovich told she was thrilled with Julia's portrayal -- and she certainly should be. Julia is masterful, dramatic, comedic, sexy (and revealing). The real Brockovich parlayed Roberts' baring movie wardrobe by arriving at the Village premiere Tuesday in a gown (from Nicole's on the Sunset Strip) barebacked, bare-sided and more. It caused as much eyebrow-lifting (and eye-lowering) as Jennifer Lopez's at the Grammys. Brockovich said she is now preparing, along with attorney Ed Masry (with whom she still works), for a November court case vs. PG&E; -- this one about a similar poisonous problem in Kettleman Hills in the San Joaquin Valley. Brockovich was back at her Westlake office at Masry & Vititoe as a ``legal investigator'' Wednesday morning, only briefly. She revert

Hannibal Talk

Ridley Scott spoke to Cinescape contributor Cindy Pearlman for her syndicated column, the director revealed his take on Foster exiting the project, saying, "No hard feelings concerning Jodie. Hannibal the movie picks up 10 years later. The way I'm thinking of it now is that Jodie fulfilled the role of a young Clarice brilliantly. She was the rookie. The innocent. But she can no longer be innocent 10 years later. Julianne is starting off with a fresh canvas." Regarding the film's script, the director says, "The script is carved in stone right now. It was written by Steve Zaillian (Schindler's List) and has been given the blessing by Thomas Harris, the author of the Hannibal book." When asked if the film's finale would be reverting back to that of the book now that Foster is gone, Scott suggests that it's not, adding, "Bits in the third act got a bit tricky."

Blair Witch 2 filming

MSNBC reported a story that James Adams tracked down the production of the Blair Witch sequel. The story noted that security on the set is very tight. Word has it that casting is still not complete.

No I Know 3

I get a lot of mail saying I should have an I KNOW 3 page, but there are no plans to make one! Freddie said he won't come back. Jennifer said she can't believe she starred in two films being chased by a man with a hook. The President of Columbia said there are no plans to make an I KNOW 3. Muse Watson said there has been no talk for a third one. There is no I Know 3.

Another Bad Tomato

According to Variety, Andy Fickman has signed on board to write the script for Attack of the Killer Tomatoes 2, a sequel to the original 1978 film. Fickman may also direct the film as well. The project will be produced by Tim Daly and J. Todd Harris' Daly-Harris Productions with John De Bello's Four Square Prods. De Bello directed and co-wrote the original film and all those other Tomato sequels.

Blade 2 gets director

The sequel to the 1998 hit vampire flick "Blade" will be directed by Guillermo del Toro, according to Variety. Wesley Snipes and Kris Kristofferson, who starred in the original, are already scheduled to return for "Blade 2: Blood Hunt," which was scripted by David Goyer, who wrote the original. The film is to begin production in the fall. It should be out in summer 2001.

Shaft report

Aint It Cool News got this scoop about the new Shaft film. The plot is not too predictable, not too original. It takes some roads we haven't been down in a while. The plot of the version we saw (you know the schpiel: it's an unfinished movie; they can change it any way they want before release) involves Samuel L. Jackson as Shaft investigating a murder of a young black man. He's got good evidence a snotty rich bigoted white kid did it, but the white kid flees the country and a waitress who witnessed the murder goes into hiding. The movie revolves around Shaft looking for the girl and trying to bring the white kid to justice. No sex. Lots of gunfire. One car chase. <<<

Mummy 2 set report

Darkhorizons got this scoop about Pre Production on Mummy 2. "Construction is starting on the sets at Pinewood. There's an underground labyrinth of storerooms corridors at the British Museum, which will be full of artifacts and a handy sabre that once belonged to Ghengis Khan - Ideal for Brendan Fraser to slay a few Mummy brethern with. There's Fraser's home - Very sub-victorian, full of momentoes - One room is the child's bedroom, with a collapsable section of wall for a kidnap sequence where Fraser and Weisz's child is targetted as a potential sacrifice. There's a resurrection sarcophagus, where Arnold Voosloo will be brought back from the dead yet again, and there's the Lair Of the Princess - Where Imhotep's former squeeze holds court, deep in the old spice docks on the north of the River Thames. A rooftop is due to be built at a later stage with a blue-screen cyclorama because it's said that all of the creatures pursuing Weisz and Fraser

More sequels announced

Last week at the ShoWest convention in Las Vegas, Fox confirmed several much-rumored projects, including the Tim Burton Planet of the Apes redo, True Lies 2, Independence Day 2 and yet another entry in the Die Hard franchise.

Matrix 2 and 3 news

Keanu Reeves will be getting around $20 Million for both of the Matrix sequels. "We are going to do Matrix 2 and Matrix 3 simultaneously. We are essentially going to make one giant movie that will be cut in half to make two smaller movies," says Silver "We should begin shooting in the spring of 2001 in Australia and we'll be bringing all of the main characters who survived the first one back for the sequels." Silver admits Joe Pantoliano has been putting the word out on the Matrix websites that his character did not really die in the first movie. "Joe is convinced he didn't really die, but in the movie, I saw he certainly did. "He'll have to talk to the writers to see if they can work something out."

Men in Black 2 in works

The long-rumored Men in Black 2 could be moving forward. Last week at ShoWest it was announced that the project is a "definite go." Then Darkhorizons reported that Will Smith said to London's Capitol Radio show that he'll be reading the new script for the film in the next few weeks. Will said, "If it is hot I will do it if it's not, then I won't."

More sequels announced

Last week at the ShoWest convention is Las Vegas, Fox confirmed several much-rumored projects, including the Tim Burton Planet of the Apes redo, True Lies 2, Independence Day 2 and yet another entry in the Die Hard franchise.