Robo re-do on hold

The rumors are true; the Robo Cop remake has been officially stalled...for's what Moviehole is saying...

A couple of months ago Moviehole reported that, due to a disagreement between the studio and director Darren Aronofsky over the direction of the film (She wanted 3D, he didn't), the "RoboCop" remake had been put on hold.

Though he, of course, doesn't mention anything about the Aronofsky/Mary Parent battle, producer Brad Fischer ("Shutter Island") tells me the film is indeed on hold.

As for whether it'll end up in 3D? Well, check Fischer's comments.

Tim: What can you tell me about the progress of the Robocop remake?

Brad: There's nothing happening with it right now. As you know MGM is in a situation where it might be sold, and Robocop is an asset, so it's on hold at the moment.

Tim: Is there talk of, if and when it goes ahead, to produce it in 3-D?

Brad: I think we'll have to re-approach it when it comes back and we'll come back to the table and look at it, and decide how we're going to move forward. I mean, certainly, the spectacle nature of it, the evolution of technology in the medium - it would be crazy.

Tim: Do you think films are headed toward 3-D across the board?

Brad: It's what everyone is talking about, right? I don't know about across the board. I'm sure this question was asked of someone when the first movies in color started to come out, and somebody said, do you think movies are all going to be color across the board?

Tim: 'That won't take off!'

Brad: And the person on the other side said, there will always be some black and white movies. And there still are. Look, it's possible, right? What Cameron (James Cameron, director, Avatar) that I think transcends what 3-D has ever been before is the immersive nature, as opposed to the gimmicky nature of it, the throwing stuff at the audience's face, scare tactic. I remember seeing Jaws 3 in 3-D at the theater in Amityville and that was a wave that ended. It feels like this is different.

Tim: Wait and see?

Brad: Maybe we'll all be in 3-D!
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