'Flubber 3D' In The Works

It appears that Disney is looking to make a sequel to the 1997 film Flubber, starring Robin Williams. Here's the latest...

Ah, “Flubber” – - how I miss your kindly jello exterior. Or not.

Actually worked on the 1997 flick – starring Robin Williams in the ol’ Fred MacMurray role – in a marketing position, so believe me when I say I’ve had enough “Flubber” to last me a life time. No, please, I just couldn’t fit any more in. That first round of green shit quashed my craving.

Disney are said to be considering sequelizing the Robin Williams comedy. Joy. Not a surprise though, is it? I mean, the original film that “Flubber” was based on, “The Absent Minded Professor”, spawned a sequel, “Son of Flubber”. According to Whats Playing, “Flubber 2″ or – wait for it – “Flubber 3D” hinges on Williams’ commitment. If he wants in, it’s a go, if he doesn’t? well, it goes the way of “Mrs Doubtfire 2″ (Remember? Bonnie Hunt wrote the screenplay? Williams decided, after all was said and done, he didn’t want to do it after all. It’s now kaput). “Doubtfire” aside, It’s seemingly a lot easier to twist Robin Williams’ hairy-ass arms these days – proof? “Old Dogs”, also a Disney flick – than it was, say, when he was cinema’s biggest comic superstar. If you build it, he may just come.

Here’s my quote for the poster, Disney… “I’d rather watch a dirty sponge twist it’s way down an open faucet.”

Thanks to Moviehole!