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'The Bourne Legacy' Theatrical Trailer Is Here

The theatrical trailer for The Bourne Legacy starring Jeremy Renner has been released. Aaron Cross, a new hero, experience… Read more

Dante Basco Reveals Plans For Rufio 'Hook' Prequel

"Ru-fi-oooooo!" Dante Basco, who played Rufio in the 1991 Peter Pan quasi-sequel Hook , has revealed plans produce… Read more

'Guacamelee' Coming To The PS3 And PS Vita Exclusively

Drinkbox Studios has announced that their game Guacamelee will be a PS3 and PS Vita exclusive game. Check out the trailer for… Read more

Doom 3's "BFG Edition" Coming To PS3/360/PC This Fall

id Software has announced Doom 3 " BFG Edition " -- which means every Doom game will be included.  EVERY DOOM GAME !… Read more

Viz To Release 'Tiger & Bunny' DVDs In North America Early 2013

During their FanimeCon panel on Saturday, Viz representatives announced that they will be releasing Tiger & Bunny in North… Read more

'Hunger Games' Sequel Gets A New Title

The sequel to The Hunger Games, Catching Fire , has a new title in the vein of the Twilight movies.  The new movie will simp… Read more

'Shin Megami Tensei 4' Heading To The Nintendo 3DS

Atlus has revealed that they are developing Shin Megami Tensei 4 for Nintendo 's 3DS .  The last game, Shin Megami Tensei 3… Read more

Naughty Dog Co-Founder Jason Rubin Becomes THQ President

THQ announced today that Danny Bilson is leaving the company to pursue other interests and will be replaced by Naughty Dog '… Read more

Demo For Sony's 'Gravity Rush' Available Today On Playstation Network

Gravity Rush , known as Gravity Daze in Japan , will make its debut as a downloadable demo on the Playstation Network .  The ga… Read more

'Harvest Moon: Land Of Origin' Being Localized In North America

Natsume made the announcement via Twitter that Harvest Moon: Land of Origin is being released in North America as Harvest Moo… Read more

'When Vikings Attack' Coming To The PS3 and PS Vita

The game, the first from two-person developer Clever Beans , will bring its unique cel-shaded glory to the PS3 and the PS Vita … Read more

Aniplex USA To Release Blu-Ray Of 'Bakemonogatari' Anime

Aniplex USA confirmed that it will be releasing the  Bakemonogatari TV series this fall on Blu-Ray . Bakemonogatari deal with a… Read more

'Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor' Gets Manga Adaptation

Atlus ' Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor game is getting a manga adaptation from WARASIBE and is debuting in July's i… Read more

Manga Entertainment No Longer Owns Rights For 'Ninja Scroll'

Sad news for Manga Entertainment .  The anime company announced via twitter that it no longer has the U.S. rights for  Yoshiaki K… Read more

Persona 4 Anime Made Into 90 Minute Film

Persona 4 The Animation's official website announced that the anime will be made into a  90 minute film with new footage. Th… Read more

'Jet Set Radio' Being Released This Summer For PS Vita

An updated version of the classic Jet Set Radio will be released for the Playstation Vita this summer. It will be an adaptation… Read more

Manga 'Berserk' Returning For 3 Chapters

Good news Berserk fans!  Kentarou Miura 's manga Berserk will be returning with a three-chapter run depicting Guts' chi… Read more

K-ON High School Edition Manga Ending June 28th

It has been announced that the high school edition of the manga  K-ON will end in July's Houbunsha's Manga Time Kirara C… Read more

Funimation Releasing 'Oblivion Island' On August 14

Funimation will be releasing  Production I.G 's  Oblivion Island: Haruka and the Magic Mirror on DVD and Blu-Ray on Augus… Read more

New Extended Trailer For 'Hatsune Miku Project Diva F'

Hatsune Miku fans get ready!  A new, extended trailer for the Playstation 3 and Vita game Hatsune Miku Project Diva F brings a … Read more

New 'Zone Of The Enders' Project Announced

Game Designer Hideo Kojima , most notable for making the Metal Gear Solid games, has announced he and his studio Kojima Product… Read more

'Baka To Test To Shōkanjū Spinout!' Manga Ending

The 30th and next chapter of namo 's Baka to Test to Shōkanjū Spinout! , which is a spinoff of Kenji Inoue 's Baka to Tes… Read more

'Dragon Ball Z' For Kinect 2nd Promo

The European section of Namco Bandai Games began to stream the second new promotional video for the Dragon Ball Z game for Xbox 3… Read more

New NSFW 'Maniac' Remake Trailer Hits The Net

The new NSFW (not safe for work) trailer for the Maniac remake has been released.  When news first broke that there was a Ma… Read more

'Gintama' Movie English Dub Cast Revealed

Gintama the Movie is being released on May 29th but early copies have shipped out.  This will be the first time Gintama is on … Read more

'Chronicle' Director Josh Trank Agrees To Develop 'Shadow Of The Colossus' Into A Film

Josh Trank , who directed Chronicle , a film about teens struggling with their nascent superpowers has agreed to develop Fum… Read more

EXILE's Akira To Play Onizuka In Live Action Remake Of 'Great Teacher Onizuka'

Akira , who is a member of the 14 member Japanese pop group EXILE , is going to play the lead character in Onizuka .   The origin… Read more

Sega Announces Details On 'Yakuza 5'

Sega released details on their upcoming 5th entry to their Yakuza franchise. According to Famitsu , Yakuza 5 will be a direct … Read more

'Tiger & Bunny' English Dub Voice Cast Revealed

Viz 's and Tiger & Bunny 's facebook pages have announced the English cast for the super hero anime Tiger & Bunny… Read more

'Scourge: Outbreak' Coming To XBLA, PSN, PC And Mac

This third person shooter has you and three comrades killing aliens to get your other comrade back alive and take the Nogari Corp… Read more

25th Anniversary 'Street Fighter' Collector's Set Announced *UPDATED*

Get your Hadoukens ready!  The Street Fighter 25th anniversary collector's set is due to be released on September 18, 2012 f… Read more

PSOne Game 'Tomba' Coming To The Playstation Network

Tomba , the platformer which starred a pink haired caveman, will be released on the Playstation Network from MonkeyPaw Games . Jo… Read more

New 'Dark Knight Rises' Poster Follows Trend

The new poster for The Dark Knight Rises has been released and it definitely follows the trend set by Batman Begins and The Dark… Read more

Bandai Namco Games To Release Digimon Game On PSP

The first Digimon game being released by Bandai Namco will be released on July 19.  A new promotional video for Digimon World: R… Read more

'Onii-Chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankei Nai Yo Ne' Anime Announced

The anime adaptation of Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankei Nai yo ne (As Long as There’s Love, It Doesn’t Matter If He is My B… Read more

'Anchorman: The Legend Continues' Teaser Trailer Is Finally Here

The teaser trailer for the highly anticipated sequel Anchorman: The Legend Continues has been released. So far, the vague… Read more

Sentai Filmworks Licenses 'Intrigue in the Bakumatsu ~ Irohanihoheto'

Sentai Filmworks has acquired the rights to the anime Intrigue in the Bakumatsu ~ Irohanihoheto. The series' animation is pr… Read more

Sony Announces F2P shooter 'Bullet Run'

Sony Online Entertainment has announced a Free-to-play team based shooter titled Bullet Run which will launch on the PC this Su… Read more

Dir en grey Uroboros at Budokan the Movie Being Streamed Worldwide

Japanese rock band Dir en grey are streaming their movie, Dir en grey Uroboros at Budokan the Movie , on their UStream channel … Read more

'XCOM: Enemy Unknown' launches October 9 In North America

2K Games plans to launch the title on console and PC at the same time.  The release date is October 9 and 13 in North America an… Read more

Review: 'Tron: Uprising' Episode 1

Between the events of Tron and Tron: Legacy , a young program named Beck becomes the unlikely apprentice to Tron, the greatest wa… Read more

Deadman Wonderland Cast Announcement

With the announcement of Deadman Wonderland being a part of the new Toonami lineup, the offical cast has also been announced.  … Read more

'Casshern Sins' 'Deadman Wonderland' Added To Toonami Lineup

Along with the classic shows like Cowboy Bebop and Ghost in the Shell , two new shows are joining the new Toonami lineup.  Cass… Read more

'Tekken Tag Tournament 2' Has Release Date And Pre-Order Bonuses

Namco Bandai revealed the next installment of the Tekken franchise, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 , will be released September 11th i… Read more

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