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Interview: Jay Fuller

Jay Fuller is the creator of the Boy in the Pink Earmuffs a webcomic which was exhibited at this years C2E2 and Chicago Alter… Read more

'Fright Night 2' Is Going Straight To DVD

Much like the original, the Fright Night remake is getting a sequel -- sort of.  A direct-to-video sequel of the remake is on … Read more

'Evil Dead' Red Band Trailer Spills Its Guts

The official teaser trailer for the Evil Dead is finally here -- and OH MY GOD! Could it be?  Are we finally going to get … Read more

'Iron Man 3' Trailer Thrills In Epic Proportion

The highly anticipated teaser trailer for Iron Man 3  has been released -- and it hints at some major epicness that could be… Read more

World's Scariest Movie Villains By Kill Count

In honor of it being October and Halloween just around the corner, why not celebrate by counting down the 10 deadliest moder… Read more

'Carrie' Teaser Trailer Will Burn You Alive

The teaser trailer for Carrie is finally here.  Check it out below.  The film hits theaters March 15, 2013... Read more

'Carrie' Teaser Poster Is Finally Here

The teaser poster for the Carrie remake has finally hit the net.  It's actually very similar to the fan made one posted a … Read more

Original 'Jurassic Park 4' Concept Art Revealed

Concept art for one of the original ideas for Jurassic Park 4  has it the Internet thanks to  Badass Digest .  Keep in mind, thi… Read more

It's 'A Good Day To Die Hard' And The Trailer Is Here!

The official trailer for A Good Day to Die Hard (the fifth Die Hard  flick) has been released.  Check it out below to see wh… Read more

No Robots, No Explosions Here: A Look Inside Michael Bay's Home(s)

The homes of people who are incredibly talented are always fascinating to the general public, as the places they live and see … Read more

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