C2E2: Diverse Means for Diverse Worlds Moderated by Racebending.com

The panelists are Gail Simone, Professor Turtel Onli, Gene Ha, Jay Fuller, Marjorie M. Liu, and Ramon K. Perez. This discussion is moderated by contributing writer for Racebending.com Gabrial Canada. Racebending is a grassroots media literacy/advocacy group that promotes diversity across all forms of media.

Gail Simone is currently the writer on Batgirl and the Movement at DC, Lara Croft Tomb Raider at Dark Horse and Red Sonja at Dynamite. Her kickstarter title Leaving Megalopolis will also be published by Dark Horse.

Jay Fuller is a Chicago native by way of Indiana and Rhode Island. He is the creator of The Boy in the Pink Earmuffs Web Comic www.theboyinthepinkearmuffs.com as well as the co creator of The Sorceress next door with artist Chad Sell.

Professor Turtel Onli is the founder of the Black Age of Comics Movement. Professor Onli has a varied career in art and as an educator. He has worked in the music publishing industry, in the world of fine art and design and as an independent publisher of comics and graphic novels including Nog defender of the Pyramids.

Marjorie M. Liu is a New York Times Bestselling author, a former lawyer, and a writer of comics. Her work includes the Hunters Kiss and Dirk and Steele series of novels. Her most recent comic books are Astonishing X-Men and Legends of Red Sonja. Marjorie received racially charged rape and death threats after writing an issue where Northstar a member of the X-Men marries his long time partner Kyle.

Ramon K. Perez is an Eisner winning artists from Tonronto Canada. He illustrated nearly 100 depictions of Inuit myths and legends as part of an ongoing educational series for Inhabit Media. He won an Eisner for his adaptation of Jim Henson's unfilmed screenplay: A Tale of Sand. At Marvel he has been an artist on Wolverine and the X-Men and is currently working on Spiderman Learning to Crawl with Dan Slott.

Gene Ha is a six time nominee and four time Eisner Award winning artist. Gene likes to draw free portraits at conventions and believes that there is something heroic in everyones features. Genes work includes The Shade, Top 10's, The 49'rs, JLA, and The Adventures of Cyclops and Pheonix. Gene is presently focused on creator owned work including his own independent project Mae.

Gabrial Canada is a native Hoosier and has been writing at Racebending since 2010. He experienced having his own family's story white washed on the big screen in Public Enemies. Gabe is also a sometimes Co-host and contributor to Kind of Epic show.