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Next American Pie director TBA in January

According to David H. Steinberg (next AP writer), the director of the next AP film will be announced sometime in January. Oh, yeah -- David's name is on that list, too!

Gilligan's Island movie talk

Various websites are reporting that Michael Cera (Superbad, Juno, Nick & Norah) is set to play Gilligan in an upcoming movie remake of the classic TV show. Also, could Beyonce play Ginger? Read more here .

Possible Scream 4 scribe semi-interview

We got the chance to catch up with Michael T. Kennedy, the possible screenwriter for Scream 4. Here's what he had to say... Did you have any inspiration for your 'Scream 4' script or was it something that's been in the back of your mind? "It was something I had in the bak of my mind for sure. I think the treatment I wrote is more of the story I want to see as opposed to the screenplay they have. I think both are great stories but the treatment really shows more of what Sidney has had to deal with after all of her experiences. The script is strong but is more of a direct continuation of Scream 3 and the first draft was written in 2004 and has since been punched up multiple times. The treatment is a darker alternative. But in the end both are separate stories I wanted to see so I decided well what if Sidney's life went this route or what if it went route B. So I decided to do both stories and if chosed let the suits decide the route they intend to take."

Steinberg gives some American Pie sequel input

We recently had the opportunity to talk one-on-one with David H. Steinberg, screenwriter for the upcoming Universal project American Pie: Book of Love (Steinberg also co-wrote the story for American Pie 2). I asked two questions that I feel were important to the foundation of the latest 'Pie' installment. And to much pleasure and surprise, we got some answers! What's your stance on where the 'AP' films are at right now? "I think the last three have increasingly gotten away from what made the movies great: lovable, relatable characters and a strong theme about growing up and sex and love. Plus, the first three movies always had strong female characters with a real point of view, not just window dressing. “Book of Love” is very much like the first movie. It’s actually very dramatic at times." Every 'AP' sequel claims to be the "raunchiest" and "wildest/sexiest" slice of pie yet, can we expect the same with 'Book of Lov

Exclusive: Rob Zombie NOT doing Halloween 2?! (UPDATED)

Contrary to many movie news sites (including this one), it appears that Rob Zombie has not been approached for Halloween 2 says Scout Taylor-Compton. Whilst chatting it up Scout via Stickam (yes, I have a Stickam account) I brought up the subject of Halloween 2 . I asked her what her thoughts on Zombie returning to do the sequel were, and she responded, "Where did you hear that from?" And I shot back, "Pretty much every movie news site..originally ShockTillYouDrop." And that's when she layed the hammer down, "Oh, I'm so sick of this. People need to stop believing what they read on Internet. I'm somewhat close with Rob and believe me, if there was any truth to this...I'd know." So is that it? The final word? Time will tell I guess... Personally, I think Scout's just out of the loop rumor-wise. Rob may be directing and she just doesn't know yet...