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King talks Shining sequel

Stephen King speaks out on a possible sequel to The Shining ...this comes from TorontoIST... "King dropped a fan bombshell … Read more

Craven officially back for Scream 4

This little bit of fresh air comes from Bloody-Disgusting... While we were just about to let you guys in on some Scream IV happen… Read more

Streisand back in Little Fockers

Barbra Streisand is reprising her role as Roz Focker ( Meet the Fockers ) in the upcoming Little Fockers , the third film in the… Read more

Julia Stiles in Spider-Man 4?

Moviehole has the latest on the fourth Spidey adventure... One could fill a kitty litter tray with all the ‘Black Cat’ rumours o… Read more

Rambo 5 gets a new story

According to Moviehole, the plot for Rambo 5 has on for the skinny... When it comes to the plot of “Rambo 5”, Sy… Read more

TWITTER ALERT! - Jill Valentine in RE4?

Resident Evil star, Milla Jovovich (Alice) tweets... "Valentine MAY b back..." Valentine was previously played by a… Read more

Haim returns in Lost Boys 4

No, the title is not a typo. Although Lost Boys 3: The Thirst is still in production, Corey Haim is set to return to the franch… Read more

Various news items

Here's a load of news, some sequel/prequel/remake/spin-off oriented, some not. Again, this comes from Clint over at Moviehol… Read more

Kevin Williamson talks Scream 4

Moviehole has the latest on the horror thrillogy that just won't die. Kevin Williamson talks a little Scream 4 business...… Read more

Big Roger Rabbit II news

Courtesy of AICN and MTV... Movie Trailers - Movies Blog Read more

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