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Megan Fox's 'Transformers 3' Replacement

It's common knowledge by now that Megan Fox has been fired from Transformers 3 . And it seems they have found her replacement...from Moviehole... Paramount may have found their 'Megan Fox replacement' for "Trans…

James Franco To Star In 'Apes' Prequel

It seems that James Franco will star in a prequel to Planet of the Apes . Here's the skinny from Moviehole... James Franco will press pause on his "weed comedy" career temporarily while he plays the lead in Fox'…

Drew Barrymore Doing 'Wizard Of Oz' Sequel?

Moviehole is reporting that Drew Barrymore is taking a stab at sequelizing The Wizard of Oz ... Drew Barrymore will direct a sequel to "The Wizard of Oz", according to Pajiba. Barrymore, who made her directorial debut…

'Harold & Kumar' Need A Baby

The Harold and Kumar tides are up again -- this time, they'll have a 2-year-old hanging with them...from Moviehole... "A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas", which lenses in Michigan mid-June, is on the lookout for … Re-Opens

My other site,, is now re-opened. Most of the pages are incomplete, but you get the general idea of what the site will be. Enjoy Scream fans!

'Scream 4' Website Launches

It's obviously incomplete, but here's a taste of the Scream 4 website: . I wonder if it will be in the same style as the Scream 3 site back in 1999 (where there were Sunrise, Stab 3, and Gale We…

Top Secret 'Cloverfield 2' Trailer?

Rumors are swirling that a top secret trailer for JJ Abrams Clocverfield sequel, Super 8 , is attached to all prints of Iron Man 2 . Here's what Moviehole is reporting... Earlier today, HitFix revealed that a super-secret …

Official 'Scream 4' Teaser Poster

Below is the official teaser poster for Dimension Films' upcoming Scream 4 , the first of three new sequels, ala, a new trilogy.

'Batman 3' Has A Release Date

This comes from Moviehole, the release date for the highly anticipated Batman 3 ... A couple of days back Imax sent us - well, an IMAX water bottle, and - a list of flicks that they'd be unspooling over the next two-three yea…

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