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Megan Fox's 'Transformers 3' Replacement

It's common knowledge by now that Megan Fox has been fired from Transformers 3 . And it seems they have found her replacement...from Moviehole... Paramount may have found their 'Megan Fox replacement' for "Transformers 3". Every young, pretty thing has plonked herself on Michael Bay's casting couch this week - but it's newcomer Rosie Huntington-Whiteley that's seemingly made the greatest impression on the all-powerful dictator, er, I mean director, reports Deadline. The model, known for her work with Victoria's Seceret, is said to have bet the equally-unrecognizable Sarah Wright and Brooklyn Decker to the role of Shia LaBeouf's love interest in the new film. Other young actresses who were considered for the female lead in the film - following Fox's dismissal from the project - include Tanit Phoenix ("Death Race 2"), Hayden Panettiere (TVs "Heroes"), Amber Heard ("Zombieland"), Australian model Miranda Ke

James Franco To Star In 'Apes' Prequel

It seems that James Franco will star in a prequel to Planet of the Apes . Here's the skinny from Moviehole... James Franco will press pause on his "weed comedy" career temporarily while he plays the lead in Fox's new "Planet of the Apes" prequel. In "Rise of the Apes", the "Pineapple Express" star will play ''a scientist who has been working on a cure for Alzheimer's that is being tested on apes. The test subject named Caesar starts to evolve rapidly, and the scientist takes him home to live with him and protects him from cruel doctors", says Heat Vision. The Rupert Wyatt-directed film will, unlike the original "Apes" films, use computer technology to craft it's monkey co-stars, as opposed to forcing underpaid actors to put on claustrophobic furry suits. Franco was also announced this week as the star of "Ricky Stanicky", a comedy about "three teens [who] pull a prank and burn down a ho

Drew Barrymore Doing 'Wizard Of Oz' Sequel?

Moviehole is reporting that Drew Barrymore is taking a stab at sequelizing The Wizard of Oz ... Drew Barrymore will direct a sequel to "The Wizard of Oz", according to Pajiba. Barrymore, who made her directorial debut with the worthwhile "Whip It", is circling "Surrender to Dorothy", a Zach Helm-penned flick that sees the Wicked Witch - who apparently didn't die when Dorothy threw the bucket of water on her at the end of "Oz" - headed to New York to seek out her nemesis, the grown-up Dorothy (Barrymore?). "Surrender" is one of two "Wizard Of Oz"-related projects in the works in Hollywood. The other, "Oz : The Return to Emerald City", is a prequel starring Robert Downey Jr as 'The Wizard'.

'Harold & Kumar' Need A Baby

The Harold and Kumar tides are up again -- this time, they'll have a 2-year-old hanging with them...from Moviehole... "A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas", which lenses in Michigan mid-June, is on the lookout for a pot-smoking toddler. Joining Harold and Kumar on their latest mission are new pals Adrian and Todd, the latter of whom has a child (you can thank "The Hangover" for that element of the story, I'm sure). A call has been placed with casting agents to find 'Ava', a "super cute 2-year-old who, thanks to her father Todd's wild adventures with Harold, Kumar and Adrian, is inadvertently exposed to certain illegal substances that make her giggle". Ava apparently "cries a lot - but you can settle down by asking her to sing some TLC". The film, which New Line may be releasing in 3-D (like everything else), sees estranged best friends Harold (John Cho) and Kumar (Kal Penn) reuniting to find a replacement Christmas tr Re-Opens

My other site,, is now re-opened. Most of the pages are incomplete, but you get the general idea of what the site will be. Enjoy Scream fans!

'Scream 4' Website Launches

It's obviously incomplete, but here's a taste of the Scream 4 website: . I wonder if it will be in the same style as the Scream 3 site back in 1999 (where there were Sunrise, Stab 3, and Gale Weathers' sites).

Top Secret 'Cloverfield 2' Trailer?

Rumors are swirling that a top secret trailer for JJ Abrams Clocverfield sequel, Super 8 , is attached to all prints of Iron Man 2 . Here's what Moviehole is reporting... Earlier today, HitFix revealed that a super-secret trailer for a J.J Abrams movie (not the first time J.J has, rather brilliantly, kept something under wraps - nobody had heard of "Cloverfield" when the trailer for it premiered in front of "Transformers" a couple of years ago) that nobody's heard anything about will be attached to all prints of "Iron Man 2" when it opens across North America this week. The site says the film, known only as "Super 8", is likely some kind of fiscally-friendly follow-up/sequel/prequel to "Cloverfield". Now Vulture has confirmed the assumption. The trailer will show "a bunch of kids who are shooting a movie with a Super 8 camera in the seventies or eighties. When they develop the film, they notice that there's an alie

Official 'Scream 4' Teaser Poster

Below is the official teaser poster for Dimension Films' upcoming Scream 4 , the first of three new sequels, ala, a new trilogy.

'Batman 3' Has A Release Date

This comes from Moviehole, the release date for the highly anticipated Batman 3 ... A couple of days back Imax sent us - well, an IMAX water bottle, and - a list of flicks that they'd be unspooling over the next two-three years on their rather-biggish screens. On that list of upcoming product were flicks like "The Hobbit", "Superman" (3.0), and a new Chris Nolan-helmed "Batman" picture. Most of the features listed didn't include an exact release date, just a 'heads up' that they'll be 'playing at your local IMAX' sometime between 2011 and 2013.Still cool all the same. We've at least now got a release date for one of those flicks - "Batman 3" (or whatever the heck they're currently calling it) will be out July 20, 2012. "The Dark Knight" was released in July of 2009, so no surprise that director Nolan and Warner Bros would squat on that date. Though there's no concrete details on the film'