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New Bane Photos From 'The Dark Knight Rises'

A few new, unofficial, photos of Bane from The Dark Knight Rises have surfaced online.  Head on over to AICN to see the rest of the pics.  Bane, played by Tom Hardy, appears to be standing on a camo version of the tumbler, similar to the proto from Batman Begins . Tom Hardy as Bane

'G.I. Joe 2' Gets A New Subtitle

Channing Tatum as Duke The subtitle of G.I. Joe 2 has been changed from Cobra Strikes to Retaliation . Also, it has a set release date, so G.I. Joe: Retaliation will hit theaters on June 29, 2012... EXCLUSIVE: Now that the launch of Super 8 is behind him, JJ Abrams is moving toward a commitment to direct Star Trek 2. But just as Deadline has been telling you, there's no way that he'll be able to make the June 29, 2012 release date that Paramount carved out for the film. I'm told that the studio will give that slot to G.I. Joe: Retaliation, the sequel that will be directed by Jon M. Chu and stars Channing Tatum, Dwayne Johnson and Adrianne Palicki, with Lorenzo di Bonaventura producing. Abrams has just returned from vacation and is hunkering down with writers Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof to work on the Trek script and beginning prep for a Trek sequel that will likely begin production in January and either be dated for release for the fourth qu

Buckle Up, 'Crank 3' Is Coming

It appears that a Crank 3 is in the works. Now whether the film will be a prequel sans Jason Statham or a true sequel with Statham has yet to be addressed. Check out the video from Comic-Con courtesy of Movieweb... Thanks to Movieweb for the scoop.

'Wolf Creek 2' Announced, Plot Released

Ready to travel back to Wolf Creek ? Director Greg Mclean is! Wolf Creek 2 has been officially announced, as well as a full synopsis release... Lured by the promise of an authentic Australian holiday, backpackers RUTGER, KATARINA and PAUL visit the notorious Wolf Creek crater. Their dream Outback adventure soon becomes a horrific reality when they encounter the site’s most infamous local, the last man any traveler to the vast and isolated region ever wants to meet; MICK TAYLOR (John Jarratt). As the backpackers flee, Mick pursues them on an epic, white knuckled rampage across hostile wasteland. Only one will remain to be dragged back to his lair to witness the true magnitude of his monstrosity. And if the last man standing is to have any hope of surviving where no one has survived before, he’ll have to use every ounce of cunning to outwit the man behind the monster, and become every bit as ruthless as the monster inside the man. Thanks to the Darclight Films website for the synops

Confirmed! The Lizard for 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Villain

If you haven't already guessed, it has been confirmed that The Lizard will be the main villain in The Amazing Spider-Man . No word yet if he'll be the only villain, though. Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I'm working on my full report right now, but I wanted to kick off some conversation about the big Amazing Spider-Man panel that hit today. Detailed report forthcoming, but here's the quick of it: Andrew Garfield NAILS Peter Parker and Spider-Man. He's a smart-ass to thugs, thank God. Emma Stone is perfect as Gwen Stacey and her chemistry with Peter Parker is sweet, innocently flirty. Perfect. Martin Sheen is great as Uncle Ben... stern, but with a sense of humor. Sally Field doesn't look the part at all (no white haired Aunt May this time around), but we didn't see enough of her for me to pass any real judgment. Rhys Ifans seemed to really get the great sadness of Dr. Curt Connors. They confirmed the Lizard is the big baddie and showed us quite a bit of f

'Paranormal Activity 3' Trailer Premieres At Comic-Con

The trailer for Paranormal Activity 3 has premiered at Comic-Con. Check it out below. The film hits theaters October 21, 2011...

'The Amazing Spider-Man' Trailer Debuts

Check out the first look for the Spider-Man reboot.

Dobkin Talks 'Vacation' Reboot

David Dobkin recently spoke about how the Vacation reboot/sequel might go. And how the film will revolve around Rusty and not Clark. Let's just pray Anthony Michael Hall can reprise the role... Oh my God dude, this script came out so good it’s crazy. It’s not a total reboot by the way, it’s a reboot of the franchise but it’s Rusty’s story. It’s not trying to start again from zero. And he goes on... Look one of the things I love about the original movie is comedies overall do not stand up over time, the sense of comedy changes in each generation, but Vacation is still as shocking and as funny as it was when it was made. There’s stuff in that movie that you would think was insane today: “Daddy taught me how to French kiss,” I mean there’s just things that are insane, it’s off its head. So that’s why I went for it, cause I really loved it and I just love the themes of that movie. Thanks to Collider for the story.

Official Trailer For 'The Dark Knight Rises' In HD

Here is an official HD trailer for The Dark Knight Rises , the epic conclusion to Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy...

'Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game Of Shadows' Trailer

Check out the first trailer for Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game of Shadows below plus a special introduction by Robert Downey Jr., too...

Press Release For 'The Evil Dead' Remake

So the new Evil Dead movie is, in fact, a remake. But, the original producing team is back for this one, too. Read the official press release below... GHOST HOUSE PICTURES WILL RESURRECT THE DEAD Original Producing Team – Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert & Bruce Campbell – Remaking Horror Classic ‘The Evil Dead’ To be Written and Directed by Fede Alvarez Los Angeles (July 13, 2011) – Sam Raimi and original producing partners Rob Tapert and Bruce Campbell (who also starred in the original franchise) are gearing up to remake their cult sensation THE EVIL DEAD through their long standing Ghost House Pictures partnership. Raimi and Tapert were such instant fans of Fede Alvarez’s short film “Panic Attack” that they set up a blind deal with the filmmaker and through that process have attached Fede Alvarez to write and direct the film. Alvarez wrote the script with Rodo Sayagues. Academy Award® winning screenwriter Diablo Cody is currently doing revisions on the draft. Ghost House i

'Evil Dead 4' Starting Production?

So it seems the on-again, off-again Evil Dead 4 might finally be seeing the light of day. But one question remains: is it a sequel or a remake? When it comes to anything regarding the next Evil Dead flick, there's been so much said that we never know just what is or is not concrete anymore. However, an interesting and solid little tidbit has fallen right into our laps. Dread Central has it on good authority from a very reliable source that long-time Sam Raimi editor Bob Murawski (Army of Darkness; Spider-man, Drag me to Hell) has packed up and headed out to Detroit to begin work on the long talked about fourth entry into the Evil Dead franchise, which will be "a small indie thing like the first two." We'll get you more details as they come, but it looks like this IS happening. Will it be the fourth in the series? Will it be a remake? Stay tuned. News is coming. Update According to Bruce Campbell's official website,, Bruce officially

Update: Real 'Dark Knight Rises' Teaser Poster

The real teaser poster for The Dark Knight Rises has made its debut...

Possible 'The Dark Knight Rises' Teaser Poster Debut

One our readers sent us some pretty interesting photos today of what appear to be possible teaser posters for The Dark Knight Rises posted at the corner of Washington and Norton in Los Angeles. Have a looksie... I found what may be some teaser posters for Dark Knight Rises at the intersection of Washington & Norton in Los Angeles. Update: this may just be some Batman themed street art. Thanks to Tim Olshefski for the scoop.

Second 'Final Destination 5' Trailer Is Here

The new trailer for Final Destination 5 has been released. Personally, I'm glad they opted for a traditional numerical title, instead of some campy subtitle sans a number. Check out the new trailer below...

Charlie Sheen To Star In 'Anger Management' TV Spinoff?

Image there are talks of adapting the Adam Sandler/Jack Nicholson movie Anger Management into a TV show. And, furthermore, director Joe Roth wants Charlie Sheen to star... There's a reason that moviemaker Joe Roth doesn't produce much TV. Because he comes up with terrible ideas like casting Charlie Sheen in a sitcom version of Anger Management. His plan is to join with Lionsgate TV for a small-tube series based on the 2003 big-screen feature that was one of the few non-stinkers from his Revolution Studios. Now this is a long way from seeing daylight. But, seriously, which showrunner would be so desperate as to work with whack job Sheen? Much less any actor who's currently embroiled in both a lawsuit and arbitration against the producer and studio who fired him off his last sitcom? I want names... Thanks to Deadline for the scoop.

Jason Statham To Headline 'Transformers 4'?

Since Michael Bay and Shia LaBeouf have announced their divorce from the Transformers franchise, the hunt has been on for a new leading man. Enter: Jason Statham for Transformers 4 . JASON Statham is being lined up to star in the next Transformers movie. Huge opening weekend box office returns have convinced studio bosses to green light Transformers 4 but with a new male lead. And Jason, who’s dating Rosie Huntington Whitely, is said to be the hot favorite. “One of the stars being mentioned is Rosie’s boyfriend Jason Statham,” says a Hollywood insider. “It’s clear the franchise still has huge potential but with a new leading man capable of taking Transformers in a new, darker direction. Jason could be just the man to do that and his relationship with Rosie would be an added bonus in marketing the movie.” Rosie recently revealed how her movie role bought her closer to Jason. “He’s extremely proud and he’s extremely excited to see the movie,” she said . “I love his films a

Pre-Order 'Before The Mask: The Return Of Leslie Vernon'

So have you seen Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon ? I think it's an absolutely brilliant film and, yes, a sequel is in the works. Although the film has yet to go before the lenses, you can now pre-order a copy of Before the Mask: The Return of Leslie Vernon . Head on over to their official Facebook page for all the details.

Chris Klein Drops Some 'American Reunion' Spoilers

On the Atlanta set of American Reunion , actor Chris Klein dropped five spoilers for the film (some we already knew, just confirming)... 1. Oz is now a Hollywood hot shot Klein's sensitive high school virgin (who bedded girlfriend Mena Suvari at the end of the first film) "has moved to a beach house in Malibu. He's found his way to Hollywood, where he works as a sportscaster on an NFL show. And he has a young girlfriend, Mia, played by [30 Rock's] Katrina Bowden, who is really, really funny," he says. "And he gets his invite to the reunion and decides to go with his girlfriend." Bowden and Suvari have a confrontation there. "I'm not sure yet how awkward it is… we haven't shot that yet. There's gotta' be a little awkwardness." 2. They don’t always stick to script – so expect a few surprises "There's a bit of ad-libbing and riffing that goes on. We're all having a really good time. The directors Jon [Hurwitz] and

Unofficial 'Dark Knight Rises' Video Leak

Below you'll find an unofficial video of Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne from the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises ...

Marvel Announces 'Thor 2' For 2013

The audience and critic reception of Thor has been a good, as Marve Studios just announced Thor 2 for a July 26, 2013 release. Marvel Studios and Disney have announced that a sequel to “Thor” will be hammering into theatres July 26, 2013. Kenneth Branagh will not be directing the sequel; the filmmaker had an option to direct the film but there was a ‘mutal parting of ways’ and as such someone else will be taking the reigns on the follow-up. There’s no script in the works yet, let alone writers on the project, but what’s for certain is that Chris Hemsworth will be back as the hammer-wielding norse god. No word on Natalie Portman, Stellan Skarsgard, Kat Dennings or Tom Hiddelston. Thanks to Moviehole for the skinny.