Teenager Hospitalized After Playing 'Call Of Duty' Four Days Straight

I advise you to take breaks when playing video games. 

A teenager in Columbus, Ohio was recently hospitalized after playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for at least four days straight.  He took breaks only for snacks and shower and suffered severe dehydration.  (What, drinking water was NOT on the agenda?)  His mother has since taken his Xbox away (NO!).

Nationwide Children's Hospital emergency physician Dr. Mike Patrick says that gamers need to exercise common sense when it comes to playing video games. He recommends drinking lots of fluids, taking breaks for physical activity and getting good sleep.

The teen should've known not drinking anything was going to cause dehydration.  Since, this has happened should games have notifications telling the gamer to take a break?   What do you think?

Source: Crunchyroll