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S. Darko screenplay

This is for anybody who cares... S. Darko - 2nd Revised Draft S. Dar… Read more

UPDATE: Alien is a prequel, not remake

Straight from B-D... Website Collider confirmed today with Tony Scott our exclusive breaking news that Carl Rinsch will be getti… Read more

Quarantine 2 in development

Bloody-Disgusting has learned that Sony Screen Gems has currently started development for Quarantine 2 , a sequel to their remak… Read more

14 seconds of New Moon trailer

I guess this is for all those Twihards that are desperate for anything Twilight related... Read more

UPDATED: Toy Story 3 teaser trailer in HD

Here you go... Read more

Die Hard prequel news

This story also comes from Moviehole (what don't they cover?). John McClane is returning…. he’ll just be a little more an… Read more

Chevy Chase interested in Fletch 3

The story comes courtesy of Moviehole. With Dan Aykroyd attempting to resurrect his career with a new ''Ghostbusters&… Read more

New H2 clip, new footage

Dimension Films updated their YouTube with a new clip of Halloween 2 . Read more

Toy Story 3 teaser trailer

This was literally video-taped. Apparently the teaser trailer is debuting in 3D before Up . Read more

Mezco's H2 Myers doll

Mezco has created a Halloween 2 version of Michael Myers for their Living Dead Dolls lineup. A replica action figure is soon to… Read more

Final Destination 4 poster

The poster for the fourth FD movie, The Final Destination , has surfaced. Read more

Remaking the world we know

Okay, so it's pretty obvious now that the whole remake/reboot/relaunch trend has swept Hollywood. And it's also painfull… Read more

Alien to be remade

This rather interesting news comes straight from Bloody-Disgusting. Update (12:07am, May 28): We just heard from a separate rel… Read more

Reminder: get your WWMD tees

Just a quick update. The release of Halloween 2 is quickly approaching and now's the best time to get your WWMD (What Would… Read more

Buffy reboot is good

Our buddy Chris updated us with a little video about the upcoming Buffy reboot. Read more

Saw VI video interview with cast

Here's a cool little video interview with the cast of Saw VI . Read more

Lemony Snicket sequel a possibility

There's still a little Snicket sequel buzz happening apparently. This is what director Brad Silberling had to say: “It was… Read more

Gotta pee during a movie?

I'm sure all of us at one time or another had to pee really bad during a movie. The thing is, you don't know if you shou… Read more

Buffy reboot coming

It has been long since rumored that either a sequel to the 1992 Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie or a theatrical telling of the h… Read more

REPOST: Why Cars Will Suck

News has been a little slow lately so I thought I'd brighten up everyone's day with Chris Salvador's (can I say legen… Read more

Exclusive H2 clip

This clip comes courtesy of MTV. Read more

Your thoughts on Terminator Salvation?

I've been lazy these past couple days and haven't drug my ass out to see Terminator Salvation yet (should I, even?). T… Read more

Puppet Master 10 news

Yes, you heard right, the tenth installment in the Puppet Master franchise. It's actually nice to hear/see that at least … Read more

First New Moon pictures

The other day we were treated to the teaser poster for The Twilight Saga: New Moon , and today we were graced with three new pict… Read more

Marlon Wayans on Scary Movie 5

Marlon Wayans recently talked about a possible return to the Scary Movie franchise. “Ya know, that’s a tough question – beca… Read more

Faris, Applegate in Chipmunks sequel

According to Moviehole, Anna Faris and Christina Applegate will be voicing two of the three Chipettes in Alvin and the Chipmunks… Read more

Female Ghostbusters?!

Moviehole had the scoop. Apparently there ARE two female ghostbusters in the screenplay for Ghostbusters 3 . And who might pla… Read more

Pattinson wants to do Breaking Dawn

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news today that even though a fourth Twilight film hasn't been greenlit ( Breaking Dawn ),… Read more

A few site updates

Hey, Nick here, just letting everyone know that I added a few new features to the site. One being a Cbox on the sidebar and the … Read more

First official Elm Street pic

The pic comes courtesy of the official Platinum Dunes blog as well as Bloody-Disgusting. The pic strikingly similar to one of t… Read more

New Moon poster surfaces

Poster comes courtesy of Moviehole. Click here to see it. Nothing special. Instead of using blues and blacks, it focuses mor… Read more

Say NO to Fight Club 2

Some rumors have been swirling lately (and for a few years, at least) about the ridiculous possibility of a Fight Club 2 . And … Read more

Final Destination 4 gets new title

According to Box Office Mojo , the film that was once known as Final Destination: Death Trip 3D (or FD4 to us online movie geeks… Read more

Scout Taylor-Compton Halloween 2 update

This video comes courtesy of Scout's official YoutTube account... Read more

Hannibal rumors are false

There have been some rumors circulating the web lately that Anthony Hopkins was re-teaming with Ridley Scott for another Hannibal… Read more

H2 poster is NOT official

The new Halloween 2 poster that surfaced via Rob Zombie's blog isn't really a fake, just not an official one sheet. I h… Read more

Myers House NC to be in TBK

The Myers house replica in North Carolina in will be featured in the upcoming film TBK: The Toolbox Murders , a sequel to Tobe Ho… Read more

Exclusive T4 clip

This little gem comes courtesy of Yahoo! Movies... Read more

Toolbox Murders 2 looks EPIC

Thanks to B-D for originally posting this...the promo video for TBK: The Toolbox Murders . Read more

Going the Distance script anaram

Chris Salvador updates us with another video anaram, this time, about the film Going the Distance . Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Read more

City Slickers 3?

This is something that has been on my mind for awhile now: will there ever be a third City Slickers film? Anyone who has seen … Read more

Bale talks Batman 3

Moviehole has an interesting article regarding Christian Bale and a third Batman film. At the L.A press day for “Terminator S… Read more

First Elm Street location pics

If you head on over to Bloody-Disgusting you can catch a glimpse of the new Springwood High School for Platinum Dunes' remak… Read more

S. Darko ramblings

So I finally got around to seeing S. Darko last night. I actually had high hopes for this, trying to think of it more as a spi… Read more

Original T4 ending talk

McG talks about the original ending for Terminator: Salvation . From Moviehole: You'll recall a few months back Moviehole c… Read more

Official H2 one sheet

Rob Zombie updated his blog with the official one sheet for his upcoming sequel Halloween 2 , arriving in theaters August 28. Read more

Scary Movie 5 news

Scary Movie 5 may be gearing up for a go. From Moviehole: "Scary Movie 5" is sure taking it's time to pick a st… Read more

Harold and Kumar 3

The third Harold and Kumar film is underway...and at the time is presently titled A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas . Sounds li… Read more

Official H2 synopsis

The official plot details were released today for Rob Zombie's upcoming sequel, H2 . "It's that time of year again… Read more

Wolverine 2 confirmed

Moviehole learned that there is already a sequel for X-Men Origins: Wolverine in the works. Didn't we already get a few yea… Read more

S-B crashed, but we're back

Sequel-Buzz had a bit of a scare today. I got online to realize that the site had crashed. I'm not sure exactly what was go… Read more

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