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Ridley Scott doing Alien prequel!

Here's some sweet news from B-D... Remake, reboot? Think none of it. 20th Century Fox is proving that they're producing a… Read more

Craig Perry talks FD4...and 5?

Here's an interesting article courtesy of MrDisgusting of the famed Bloody-Disgusting...producer Craig Perry had a bit to sa… Read more

Leaked New Moon pic

If you head on over to the Latino Review , you can catch a glimpse of a leaked photo of Volturi...oh, you little Twihards... Read more

The Final Destination French one sheet

Below is a look at the extremely cool looking French one sheet for The Final Destination . Read more

Michael Myers to talk in Halloween II?!

Rob Zombie updated his Twitter page with an interesting tweet. Is it possible that Myers will talk in Halloween II . Oh, and fo… Read more

Bryce Dallas Howard cast in Twilight: Eclipse

This interesting bit of news comes from Bloody-Disgusting. It appears that the always lovely Bryce Dallas Howard has been cast … Read more

Exclusive new Halloween II pic!

This exclusive new photo comes from the one and only Ryan Rotten of Shock Till You Drop... And no...this is NOT a spoiler. Read more

Could it be -- Goonies 2?

This AWESOME news comes courtesy of Moviehole... I’ve known Corey Feldman for years. I’d even consider him a friend. We talk re… Read more

Stan Helsing trailer

How did I miss this?! Read more

So I watched Messengers 2

I got to watching Messengers 2: The Scarecrow yesterday -- and I have one question: Why is this called Messengers 2 ? Oh yeah,… Read more

Bousman talks Leprechaun, Repo prequel

Darren Bousman drops some info on a possible Reop prequel -- and is he still interesting in directing the next Leprechaun inst… Read more

Batman 3, did Oldman spill the beans?

Alas, someone was bound to ask a Batman question at Comic-Con, but when Gary "Commissioner Gordon" Oldman was asked a… Read more

Neve Campbell officially talks Scream 4

The UK Press caught up with Neve Campbell on the red carpet, and of course, Scream 4 was brought up. Could Neve still be in ta… Read more

Dexter - Season 4 trailer

I guess this could be considered a sequel -- even if it doesn't, I don't care -- I LOVE this show...and so should you! C… Read more

Saw VI teaser trailer debuts

And so the Saw VI teaser trailer debuts on courtesy of Lionsgate. If you've seen the clip that was release a coup… Read more

Zemeckis comments on Roger Rabbit 2

This news comes from Quint over at Ain't It Cool News. It's something I've been waiting to hear for a few years now… Read more

Possible Scream 4 logo leak

I find this a bit funny -- Platinum Dunes unveils their title logo for the A Nightmare On Elm Street remake, and literally hours… Read more

First non-motion Saw VI one sheet

This comes from Bloody-Disgusting...the first non-motion one sheet for Lionsgate's Saw VI , arriving in theaters this Octobe… Read more

First official Freddy pic, logo

Thanks to numerous sites, the official title logo for Platinum Dunes' remake of A Nightmare On Elm Street along with the fir… Read more

First look at the new Freddy Krueger! (UPDATED)

Thanks to Horrorbid for the heads up...a leaked image from ComiCon...the very first look at Freddy Krueger 2009 from Platinum Dun… Read more

The Strangers: Part 2 shooting in September

Intrepid is gearing up to shoot The Strangers: Part 2 in September for Relativity. No word on a release date yet or whether or … Read more

Halloween II almost done, says Zombie

This information and picture comes from Rob Zombie's official blog... ALMOST DONE! Well, the editing room is packed up a… Read more

Saw VI motion poster is here (UPDATED)

This comes courtesy of Yahoo! Movies. Not real sure on what to think of it... UPDATE! I've given the apparent tagline "… Read more

First ScarJo Iron Man 2 pics

Entertainment Weekly has a few new photos of the upcoming Iron Man 2 well as the cover for their issue feature the sequel.… Read more

Aussie joins Twilight Saga Eclipse

For the Twihards out there, this bit of news comes from THR: Risky Business... Samuel Google might want to brace for a search o… Read more

Seventh Saw underway

Saw VI hasn't even been released yet and work has already begun on Saw VII -- well, according to Variety and Bloody-Disgust… Read more

Third Bridget Jones coming

This bit of news comes from The Hollywood Reporter. I, personally, have never been a fan of the Bridget Jones films (because I… Read more

2001 Maniacs sequel news

This news comes verbatim from Bloody-Disgusting... Bloody-Disgusting just received quite a healthy tip that Tim Sullivan's l… Read more

Gale and Dewey to SCRE4M again

It has been rumored for quite some time now, but E! has the exclusive: David Arquette and his wife, Courteney Cox, are returning… Read more

Collector was almost Saw prequel

This interesting bit of news comes from the good folks over at Bloody-Disgusting. Read and find out how The Collector was almo… Read more

Halloween II downloads

The official website for Dimension Films' Halloween II has been updated with downloads for the wallpapers, AIM icons, and fe… Read more

Gary Ross co-writing Spider-Man 4

A writer has finally been tapped to rewrite the Spider-Man 4 screenplay. With all these rewrites going on, I wonder how much th… Read more

Lance Armstrong in Dodgeball 2

Lance Armstrong met with Ben Stiller about appearing in the upcoming Dodgeball 2 . Remember, Lance also had a small cameo in the… Read more

Blade spin-off trilogy?

This comes from The Sunday Mail: BLADE star Stephen Dorff is set for the comeback of the year for vampire fans. He is working … Read more

Major League 4 news

According to Moviehole, a Major League 4 may be in the works. Read on for what they had to say. Ah, "Major League" … Read more

T.J. Hooker: the movie?

This comes from Variety . "T.J. Hooker" is headed for the bigscreen as an action comedy with David Foster, Ryan Heppe… Read more

The Descent 2 teaser poster

Most of you have probably already seen this, but it somehow managed to avoid my eyes until today (go figure). I believe it'… Read more

Heathers 2 not happening

According to Moviehole, it seems that the supposed Heathers 2 isn't happening after all. Seems Winona Ryder is as trustwort… Read more

Routh talks Superman franchise

Moviehole has an interesting article about Brandon Routh and the future of the Superman franchise... Cinema's most recent … Read more

Predators treatment details

Various news resources have been reporting the details of the upcoming reboot Predators . This particular text comes from Bloody… Read more

Rocky Ruined On Demand

Chris Salvador brings us a video via YouTube about how Comcast OnDemand has ruined the first two Rocky films by cutting them tog… Read more

An amazing Joker fan film

This comes from the same folks who brought us the Maniac Cop short in the post below. This film follows the events of The Dark … Read more

For you Maniac Cop fans

Thanks to for helping me find this little gem. It's an attempt to relaunch the Maniac Cop franchise... UPDA… Read more

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