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Going on a SHORT hiatus

Sequel-Buzz will be going on a very short hiatus starting tomorrow. I need to take some time and redesign my other website, Scre… Read more

Vin Diesel back as Riddick

So it appears that Vin Diesel will be back as Riddick in the second sequel to Pitch Black . Here's what Moviehole had to sa… Read more

Get Him to the Greek trailer!!

The Forgetting Sarah Marshall spin-off, Get Him to the Greek , is rapidly becoming one of my "must-see" movies of the… Read more

Mission: Impossible 4 news

This comes from Moviehole... When it was first announced that JJ Abrams would be producing ''Mission : Impossible 4'&… Read more

Nolan's busy on Batman 3, Superman 3.0

Christopher Nolan is going to be busy man. He's currently prepping Batman 3 and is going to see over the production of the… Read more

Jaws being remade in 3D?!

This has got to be some of the most disheartening news that I have EVER heard. It was one thing when Halloween (one of my top 3… Read more

Batman 3 starting production

Some interesting news came out of ComingSoon earlier, it appears that David Goyer is gearing up to pen the next Batman script..… Read more

Robo re-do on hold

The rumors are true; the Robo Cop remake has been officially stalled...for's what Moviehole is saying... A coupl… Read more

Daredevil getting the (re)boot!

No surprise here, Daredevil is being relaunched. Even though I personally liked the original, this reboot may not be a bad ide… Read more

Get furious for Fast Five

Variety is reporting that Universal is gearing up for the fifth installment if the Fast and Furious franchise. Read on for the … Read more

Watchmen 2 gearing up

If someone asked me a year ago if there was going to be a Watchmen 2 , I'd say, "Hell no." Why, you ask? Because… Read more

Drum roll...Transformers 3D

I'm sick of the all the 3D B.S. lately. 2D is just fine, in my book. Anyway, here's the scoop that Variety is reportin… Read more

Beckinsale back for Underworld 3D

Kate Beckinsale is returning to the Underworld franchise. Hiding within an article over at Variety our scoop from last August(… Read more

Elijah Wood not returning for Happy Feet 2?

You know it's a slow news day when we're reporting news for Happy Feet 2 . According to AICN, Elijah Wood may not be re… Read more

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