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'The Ring 3D' In Talks

This comes from Moviehole... A few months back Bloody Disgusting announced that development had started on a second sequel to [G… Read more

Dr. Gordon Returns In 'Saw VII'

It has now been officially confirmed that Dr. Gordon will return in the seventh installment of the Saw franchise. Some of you, … Read more

'Friday the 13th Part 2' = Dead

When asked about the long delayed sequel to Friday the 13th , Producer Brad Fuller responded (via twitter)... "it is dead… Read more

Robert Downy Jr. To Headline 'Wizard Of Oz' Spinoff?

This bit of news comes from Moviehole...and it's pretty interesting as well... Robert Downey Jr is off to Munchkin Land. Mayb… Read more

'Star Wars Episode 7' In The Works?

This utterly AMAZING news comes verbatim from Moviehole... Finally, the more dimish inmates of the South Naboo Penitentiary can d… Read more

Geena Davis Talks A Little 'Beetlejuice 2'

Geena Davis recently spoke to Moviehole about the possibility of a Beetlejuice sequel. This is how that article went... Out stu… Read more

Jamie Kennedy To Return In 'Scream 4'

The casting news for Scream 4 just keeps getting stranger and stranger. Back in 2008 it was rumored that Jamie Kennedy might be… Read more

'Sex and the City 2' Trailer

Below you'll find the trailer for Sex and the City 2 , the obvious sequel to the 2008 summer hit, and recent TV-to-film adapt… Read more

Read The Original 'Lost Boys' Sequel Script

Available for the first time is the original script for The Lost Boys sequel/prequel. Thanks to STYD for heads up. Click the … Read more

Patrick Lussier Talks 'Halloween 3-D'

Patrick Lussier recently spoke to MTV about his new movie Drive Angry . And, of course, the topic of Halloween came up... The f… Read more

'American Pie 4' Tidbit

Here's a little news on American Pie 4 , a direct sequel to American Wedding , courtesy of Moviehole and THR... In addition t… Read more

'Look Who's Talking' To Be Remade

And the remakes just keep on a-rolling...this comes from Pajiba... Funny thing about scoops: Breaking the story that 20th Century… Read more

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