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'Hunchback Of Notre Dame' In Production

Josh Brolin is currently developing a live-action adaptation of The Hunchback of Notre Dame , which will actually be based off o… Read more

Warner Soon To Announce 'The Lost Boys 4'

Call me crazy, but I am actually excited for the possibility of The Lost Boys 4 . And not only that, but a TV series too! The … Read more

'Star Trek 2' Greenlit Without A Script

Some interesting news in the Trekkie world today, a sequel to Star Trek has has already begin greenlit. So what's the big… Read more

'Dumb & Dumber' Sequel In The Works!

Finally! A real sequel to Dumb & Dumber -- and I'm not talking about that other film ( Dumb & Dumberer ). It see… Read more

Jon Chu Set To Direct 'G.I. Joe 2'

A director for the G.I. Joe sequel has been chosen. And the winner is...Jon Chu. Yes, the guy who put together the director&#… Read more

'Arrested Development' Movie Inching Closer

David Cross seems a little pessimistic about the potential of an Arrested Development movie. An "Arrested Development"… Read more

'The Hangover 2' Trailer Is Here

Feast your eyes on the trailer for The Hangover 2 ... Thanks to Moviehole. Read more

Excellent 'Scream 4' FAN Poster

This is by far one of the greatest fan posters I have ever seen...ever... Click the poster for a super hi-res copy. Kudos to the … Read more

'Wolverine vs. The Hand' Fanfilm Wows

Color me impressed. Fanfilms have been evolving ever since the first went in front of the lens (whenever that was). Is Gary Sho… Read more

How 'Prometheus' Is Connected To 'Alien'

So Ridley Scott's next film was originally supposed to be a prequel to Alien , but as pre-production evolved, the film sort … Read more

'Hellraiser' A Remake In Name Only

It appears that Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer's Hellraiser remake will be a remake in name only. Though the duo are rebo… Read more

Ghostface Takes A Break In 'Scream 4'

R.J. Torbert of Fun World just posted a candid shot of Dan Farwell (Ghostface stuntman) taking a well-deserved break in between t… Read more

'Twilight' Cast Gathers For 'Breaking Dawn'

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have landed in Vancouver, Canada, preparing to film the final chapters of the The Twilight … Read more

Kevin Costner To Join 'Superman' Reboot

Oscar-winning actor-filmmaker Kevin Costner is reportedly being courted for a role in the next Superman film. Deadline cla… Read more

Don't Count It Out, 'Glee' The Movie

This should come as no surprise. It appears that a Glee movie may be just beyond the horizon. Here's what the Hollywood I… Read more

MGM Plans 'Poltergeist 4'

Finally, some horror fan's dreams may come true...rather than remaking 1982's Poltergeist , MGM has decided to go the se… Read more

Review: 'Black Swan'

Our buddy Chris chimes in with a video review of Black Swan ... Read more

New 'Scream 4' Poster Is Revealed

The newest poster for Scream 4 has been revealed and this thing is slick...and sharp. It has a great homage feel to it that rem… Read more

New 'Spider-Man' Image & Title

The new Spider reboot has a new image and a new title... The Amazing Spider-Man -- yes, that's the original title for Spider… Read more

Andrew Divoff In 'Night Of The Living Dead 3D: Resurrection'

Just a little info on Night of the Living Dead 3D: Resurrection ... Dimensional Dead Productions have tapped Andrew Divoff ( Ind… Read more

'X-Men: First Class' Trailer Emerges

The trailer for the prequel X-Men: First Class has debuted...and here it is... Thanks to "xmenmovies" on YouTube for t… Read more

Lindsay Lohan In 'Superman' Reboot?

In a strange and twist, Lindsay Lohan may be up for a role in Zack Snyder's new Superman reboot. Hmm... Sources close to L… Read more

Tony Todd Talks 'Candyman' Remake

Tony recently spoke to the good guys over at the Rabbit In Red Radio and dished a little Candyman remake chatter... Thanks to Ho… Read more

Liam Neeson Talks 'Hangover 2', 'Taken 2'

Liam Neeson has been a little chatty lately -- talking about The Hangover Part 2 and the possible Taken 2 ... LOS ANGELES, Cali… Read more

Sonya Returns For 'Mortal Kombat'

Veteran sci-fi actress Jeri Ryan posted on her Twitter today that she's officially going to be in the new Mortal Kombat mi… Read more

TV: 'Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior'

I'll change things up a bit with a little news from the magical land of TV. The new Criminal Minds spinoff Criminal Minds:… Read more

First 'Captain America' Teaser Poster

The new teaser poster for The First Avenger: Captain America has been released... Read more

Ursa Confirmed For 'Man Of Steel'

One of the female leads for Zack Snyder's Man of Steel has been confirmed as the villainess Ursa... It's not a bird, it… Read more

'Scream 3' 11th Anniversary

In honor of the upcoming April 15 release of Scream 4 , we are going to look back at the release of Scream 3 ...11 years ago toda… Read more

'21 Jump Street' Movie Buzz

Want to know the full skinny and status of the 21 Jump Street movie? Read on... Like Keanu in Glenn Plummer’s car, I’ve been k… Read more

'Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides' Clip

This clip is set to debut during the Super Bowl, but you can check it out here... Read more

Warner Bros. To Reboot 'Fletch' Franchise

Normally, when it comes to reboots/remakes, I groan when another one is announced. Not so much this time. Although, it doesn&#… Read more

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Joins 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Now this is interesting. Soon after Heath Ledger's early departure, I asked myself who could fill in as the Joker is a lat… Read more

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