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Latest 'Paranormal Activity 4' Trailer Is Here

Check out the latest teaser trailer for Paranormal Activity 4 below.  The film hits cinemas nationwide on October 19. Read more

'The Mummy' Reboot To Be Directed By Len Wiseman

The latest reboot coming from Universal will be of The Mummy -- and it will be directed by Len Wiseman. EXCLUSIVE: Universal… Read more

Dimension Doesn't Want Williamson's 'Scream 5'?

Now this is just crazy.  Several months ago the brothers Weinstein were actively seeking new writer(s) for a potential Screa… Read more

'The Collection' Trailer Is Finally Here, Worth The Wait

The trailer for the highly anticipated sequel to The Collector , The Collection , is finally here -- and wow.  I remember ba… Read more

First 'RoboCop' Image Shows New Suit

The first, although candid, image from Sony and MGM's RoboCop re-do has hit the Internet.  The suit looks very much like… Read more

'Texas Chainsaw 3D' Teaser Trailer Debuts

Well, I was late posting the teaser poster for Texas Chainsaw 3D , but we won't be tardy with this one -- the official t… Read more

'Heathers' Sequel Is Now A TV Show

Over the years there has been many rumors and news articles surrounding a potential sequel to 1988's Heathers , starring W… Read more

Official 'Texas Chainsaw 3D' Teaser Poster Is Here

Better late than never, right?  Yeah, I know this was released last month -- and it somehow escaped being posted here -- but h… Read more

'The Hangover Part III' Begins Filming

Filming officially began today on The Hangover Part III .  This is the supposed last installment of the series, so says dire… Read more

'Scary Movie 5' Begins Production

Production has officially began on Scary Movie 5 , the fourth sequel in the ever-so-popular Scary Movie  franchise, which bega… Read more

'Curse Of Chucky' Officially Begins Filming

Principal photography has officially begun on Curse of Chucky , the sixth installment in the Child's Play franchise star… Read more

Interview: Lance Henrikson

Sequel-Buzz and Kind of Epic Show are proud to present an exclusive interview with Lance Henriksen promoting his appearance at… Read more

Another Fiery 'Carrie' Image Arises

Chloe Moretz, who is portraying the new Carrie White in the Carrie remake Instagram'd another stellar photo of herself i… Read more

Kind Of Epic Show: Uncut With Ian Whyte

Kind of Epic Show talks to the monster man himself, Ian Whyte from HBO's Game of Thrones , Alien vs. Predator , Alien vs. Pr… Read more

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