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Happy Halloween from Sequel-Buzz!

This is honestly my favorite day of the year. What’s not to love about dressing up and getting candy (when you’re a kid)? Anyway, I just wanted to say Happy Halloween…and I’m looking forward to the Night of the Living Dead re-mastered marathon on AMC tonight! “Gather ‘round your TV sets…and watch…” – Halloween III: Season of the Witch

American Pie Presents Book of Love trailer

Here's the trailer to the newest slice of Pie , courtesy of Moviehole...

Updates: Elm Street remake, F13 Part 2 3D

Bloody-Disgusting posted a couple small updates earlier on the A Nightmare On Elm Street remake, and Friday the 13th Part 2 3D that were made available via Brad Fuller's Twitter page. While New Line Cinema has already announced an August 13, 2010 release for Friday the 13th: Part 2 3D, it appears the film has yet to get the go-ahead. "Still hoping for some good news that will take us back to Crystal Lake," Platinum Dunes producer writes on his Twitter page. Damian Shannon and Mark Swift - who penned the remake - are currently penning the sequel. In addition, he also updated the status of A Nightmare on Elm Street exclaiming, "on the mixing stage working on NOES." Freddy Krueger returns on April 30, 2010.

Quick Update: Halloween II Director's Cut = Finished.

Rob Zombie tweets... "Halloween 2 director's cut is finally done" Now all we need is a release date.

X-Files 3 moving forward

There's been a lot of talk lately about X-Files 3 , the next possible sequel to the best "what if" TV series-turned-movie franchise. Moviehole has the dirt, and like Clint points out, this isn't a definitive yes , but it's not a no either... Now let’s preface this news item with a bit of an avowal: David Duchovny isn’t saying there’ll be a third “X-Files” movie just that he’d like there to be one. So, even at the risk of cutting off your blood supply, keep ‘em crossed for a little while longer. We will let you know when it’s safe to unstitch your storks. The “Californication” star tells The Daily Beast he’d be happy to hang the ‘I Want to Believe’ poster back up in his office. And he, like the fan community, believes the next film should be set in 2012 – since that date played a big part in the show’s folklore. “As far as the X-Files movie I’d like to do next, if we get a chance to do it, would be a return to the heart and soul of the mythology, which is the

Scream 4 in 3D?

Here's a small Scream 4 update courtesy of Bloody-Disgusting... Some brief news comes in this evening as we've been tipped off that the Weinstein Company plans to shoot and release Scream IV in 3D. In addition, word on the street is that Wes Craven is closer than ever to returning to the director's chair. We'll keep you posted. The screenplay is being penned by Kevin Williamson and Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courteney Cox are all said to be returning. The new trilogy will take on a younger version of the Scream films.

S-B ranks the Child's Play sequels

Keeping with the spirit of Halloween, we are continuing our lists of ranking horror's best franchise sequels. We continue our list with the Child's Play sequels... 1. Child's Play 2 No suprise here. Believe it or not, I'm actually going to rank these in the order they were released. Part two was a breath of fresh air; Chucky's triumphant return was welcomed with open arms in the horror community. 2. Child's Play 3 This is probably the sequel I've seen more times than any of the other Chucky films (including the original). This takes place 10 years after the original, Andy Barclay is now 16 and in military school, and Chucky's wit is at its best here...and finale is one I'll remember for years. 3. Bride of Chucky According to the timelime, Bride of Chucky takes place just a couple days/weeks/months after the events of Child's Play 3 . I was a fan of this film for many reasons, I was thrilled to see Chucky back on the big screen, and sporti

S-B ranks the Friday the 13th sequels

Continuing our epic list of ranking horror history's best franchise sequels, we bring you the Friday the 13th series (minus the remake, but we did include< Freddy vs. Jason )... 1. Friday the 13th Part 3 I would've possibly ranked Part 2 at number one, but I feel this is the definitive Jason movie. Besides, not only is this the film where he gets the hockey mask, but it's also in 3-D! 2. Friday the 13th Part 2 Even though this is the first of the series to feature Mr. Voorhees as our main antagonist, I feel Part 3 was ever-so-slightly the better film, so this falls to a close second. Don't get me wrong, I love sack-head Jason. 3. Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter This chapter is probably the biggest guilty pleasure for me. I absolutely adore Corey Feldman's "Tommy Jarvis" character, and scenery in this film is amazing. It also helps that this time around, Jason seems a little more brutal and raw (reminds me a lot of remake Jason, Derek Mears). 4.

Sequel-Buzz ranks the Halloween sequels

Since this is the haunting season, we're going to be running down some of horror's best franchises -- and ranking their sequels. And to kick off the event, we'll begin with the finest (in my opinion): the Halloween series (minus Rob Zombie's versions). 1. Halloween II (1981) Obviously the best of the sequels. What better place to start then where the original immortal classic ended. Halloween II delivers the goods, fair effort considering the original's status. 2. Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers The only reason this is ranked above H3 is simple: this is the return of Michael Myers. After a decade of silence, the Halloween Theme is back. 3. Halloween III: Season of the Witch I ranked this film higher than H20 for many reasons, but mostly because this is honestly the better film. Even with the absence of Michael Myers and the Halloween Theme, this film still manages to capture the essence of the season (this year's Trick 'r Treat nailed it

Brian Singer's X-Men sequel plans

Is Brian Singer considering returning to the X-Men franchise? Read on for the buzz... With his once promising ‘'Superman'' series (I think it's safe to say we'll never see a sequel to "Superman Returns". A new "Superman" movie, sure, just not one that has ties to the under performing - Warner's words, not mine; I think it did quite well considering, and for the most part, I enjoyed the heck out of the flick - 2006 flick) now as motionless as a highway-traveling meerkat, it's no surprise to hear all-round comic-nut Bryan Singer is back in talks with Fox about returning to the "X-Men" series. As you'll recall, Singer existed his post as the director of "X-Men 3" when Warner Bros offered him the chance to direct a "Superman" movie. But when "Superman Returns" didn't exactly set the world on fire, Warner Bros pushed the pause button on any further adventures of Kal-El. The last we heard the

Independence Day 2 troubles

Read the block quote below from Moviehole to check out the skinny ID4 2 ... For years there’s been rumours of an “Independence Day 2” – in fact, I believe the project even got beyond the rumour stage a few years back with preliminary talks talking place between creators Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin and Twentieth Century Fox. But of course those talks likely never included Will Smith’s accountant – which, it’d now seem, is the reason we’ve yet to see the film. Talking to Latino Review, Emmerich said he’s got a great storyline ready to go for “Independence Day 2” – but it involves Will Smith’s character, and at this stage Fox don’t know if they’d be willing to cough up the cabbage to bring the Fresh Prince back. Understandable I suppose, Smith comes with a hefty price tag, but on the other hand, how much money is “ID4 2” bound to make!? Shitloads! Smith’s fee would be a drop in the pond at the end of the day! “Dean Devlin and I are still set to make a sequel likely because we’ve fou

My Super Psycho Sweet 16 promo

This has little to nothing to do with sequels, but thought it was interesting, nonetheless. That show on MTV, "My Super Sweet 16", has been given an, um, makeover? Heh, this looks like it'll be fun. Have a look...

American Pie: Book of Love screening

Here's a small update for those of you who still follow the American Pie films. The seventh film is now completed and awaiting DVD release. There's a cast and crew screening for the film October 26. Here's a brief update/statement from writer David Steinberg... American Pie BOL screening I guess it's called "presents" after all. And now it's "The" book of love. Told you the marketing department would change the title. P.S. The moose makes sense if you've seen the movie.

Texas Chainsaw revs in 3D, new company

Bloody-Disgusting has the latest on the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series, which has been dead-in-the-water since 2006. Well, other than the proposed reboot that Kim Henkel had a year or so ago. Anyway, here's the skinny on the latest Massacre ... Twisted Pictures is becoming the house of multiple sharp objects as the makers of the Saw series are closing a deal to take over the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise, putting the villains Leatherface and Jigsaw under one roof. The details are slim, but Leatherface could be returning in 3D. More soon. Read on for the rest of the story and tell us what you think below. Sources said the producer/financier is in talks to partner in the films with Lionsgate, which has distributed all the pics in the highly profitable "Saw" series, including the Oct. 23 release of "Saw VI." The plan is to contemporize the storyline for a 3D film that would be scripted by Stephen Susco ("The Grudge"). Carl Mazzocone, Mark Burg a

Trick 'r Treat sequel galore

MTV ran an interesting story. It appears that Michael Dougherty has some Trick 'r Treat sequel plans up his sleeve -- or should I say sequels? Have a read for yourself... Now that it’s October, we’re all in the mood to get the bejeezus scared out of us. And this year we’re in luck, because the instant cult classic “Trick ‘r Treat” debuted on DVD Tuesday, and its Halloween-themed tales of terror are scaring up some huge business. Naturally, if writer/director Michael Dougherty has his way, he’ll be haunting our All Hallows’ Eve with sequels for years to come. “Yeah, I have to say that the excitement over the past few months of watching the film grow has started to jumpstart some ideas, and I know how the next one ends,” Dougherty revealed to us this week, saying he’s already brainstorming “Trick ‘r Treat 2” ideas in response to the film’s cult fanbase explosion. “If this [DVD release] does become something, if it catches executives off-guard, it might [get sequels]. I would love

Sixth Vacation film planned

It seems that Newline is moving forth with a new Vacation film...perhaps a little along the lines of Christmas Vacation 2 . This also comes from THR. New Line is going on a "Vacation." The Warner Bros. division is developing a sequel of sorts to the 1983 comedy classic, with David Dobkin attached to produce and possibly direct. New Line is meeting with writers to pen the script, but the take is already developed: The story focuses on Rusty Griswold, the son of Clark Griswold, the protagonist of the initial movies and portrayed by Chevy Chase. Rusty, now a father himself, takes his family on a road trip vacation. The characters would acknowledge that first trip, making the movie more of a sequel than a reboot. Chase and Beverly D’Angelo, who played the mom in the original movies, will have room to make appearances as grandparents, providing a sense of continuity, though no deals are in place. The original “Vacation” is a Warner Bros. property, but as soon as New Line be

Venom, a film by Gary Ross

This bit of news comes from THR... Gary Ross is writing “Venom,” Columbia’s “Spider-Man” spinoff based on one of the villains from “Spider-Man 3,” as a potential directing vehicle. Ross is already writing “Spider-Man 4” for the studio. In the comics, Venom is a gooey alien parasite that bonds with Peter Parker and later his newsroom rival, among other people, becoming one of more popular villains in "Spider-Man’s" rogue gallery. Topher Grace portrayed the character in the 2007 movie, which ended with both the human and the alien symbiote apparently destroyed in an explosion. The studio had no comment on Grace’s involvement nor on Ross writing the project. Avi Arad and Marvel are producing the movie. Ross would also produce. Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, who wrote “Zombieland,” previously worked on the script, as did Jacob Estes. Ross, repped by CAA, hasn’t directed a movie since 2003’s “Seabiscuit.”

Tarantino talks Kill Bill vol. 3

This video comes from YouTube user "polanskyzero" -- Quentin Tarantino gives a little bit of details on the thought process that is: Kill Bill vol. 3 ...

David Goyer talks Ghost Rider 2

This comes from Collider... Earlier today I sat down with David Goyer and Brannon Braga and conducted an extensive interview about their fantastic new show “FlashForward”. If you’ve been watching the show on ABC Thursday nights, I promise you’ll love this interview as they explain how the idea came together, what’s coming up, David explains where the Oceanic Airlines billboard came from and is the show related to “Lost”, and so much more. Also, while my interviews are usually around ten to fifteen minutes, this one went for almost thirty, so we were able to really talk and not just scratch the surface. Look for the entire conversation Sunday night. Anyway, since David is very involved in some big name comic book movies, I wanted to give you a taste of the interview by posting what he said about “Ghost Rider 2″ and “Magneto”. Hit the jump to learn more: David Goyer image.jpgBefore getting to what he said, the first thing to know is last week we reported Sony was moving ahead with “Gh

Transformers 3 release date

This comes from Moviehole... Michael Bay will direct "Transformers 3". But didn't anyone actually doubt he wouldn't? Paramount has confirmed the third installment in the bloated-robots-Vs-Tyrese saga will hit theatres on July 1, 2011. Though Bay was said to be keener on a 2012 release date (that might have given him time to helm the recently announced "Bad Boys 3"), Variety says he's agreed to the new date, and has been ''begun meeting with ILM and Hasbro [and] scribe Ehren Kruger to hash out plans for the pic''. Shia LaBeouf and Megan 'Michael Bay is a Monster' Fox will return for the second sequel to the 2007 hit. As the trade states, 2011 is shaping up to be the quite the year - the Decepticons will be going head-to-head with Spider-Man, Thor, Harry Potter, Captain America, Kung Fu Panda, The Smurfs and The Green Lantern! (Thankfully there isn't a new "Baby Geniuses" scheduled that year, so Bay's yet to c

Simply stunning: H2 fan poster

Words don't describe it, watch for yourself...

Brad Fuller talks Elm Street trailer, F13 2

This comes from the official Platinum Dunes blog... I have to thank many of you. The debut of the teaser was really amazing. Whether you like it or hate it, the release of it was huge. More that 1.6 million people saw it in the first 24 hours. The traffic to the teaser even clogged up Bloody-Disgusting for a day. As many of you know getting the teaser to you has been quite an ordeal - one that I think deserves an explanation... Originally, our teaser was to be released on Jennifer's Body and I was excited to tweet all about it. I announced on my twitter page that I would make an announcement within two weeks, assuming that all the plans came to fruition. But what happened was we liked the teaser, yet felt it needed to be better. Our intention always to reveal Freddy at the very end, but we had three different scenes and couldn't decide on which one was the best. At the same time Mike Jones (Warner bros.) Drew, Bay and I keep reworking the body of the teaser. Asking ourselves,