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Happy Halloween from Sequel-Buzz!

This is honestly my favorite day of the year. What’s not to love about dressing up and getting candy (when you’re a kid)? Anyway,… Read more

American Pie Presents Book of Love trailer

Here's the trailer to the newest slice of Pie , courtesy of Moviehole... Read more

Updates: Elm Street remake, F13 Part 2 3D

Bloody-Disgusting posted a couple small updates earlier on the A Nightmare On Elm Street remake, and Friday the 13th Part 2 3D … Read more

Quick Update: Halloween II Director's Cut = Finished.

Rob Zombie tweets... "Halloween 2 director's cut is finally done" Now all we need is a release date. Read more

X-Files 3 moving forward

There's been a lot of talk lately about X-Files 3 , the next possible sequel to the best "what if" TV series-turne… Read more

Scream 4 in 3D?

Here's a small Scream 4 update courtesy of Bloody-Disgusting... Some brief news comes in this evening as we've been tip… Read more

S-B ranks the Child's Play sequels

Keeping with the spirit of Halloween, we are continuing our lists of ranking horror's best franchise sequels. We continue o… Read more

S-B ranks the Friday the 13th sequels

Continuing our epic list of ranking horror history's best franchise sequels, we bring you the Friday the 13th series (minus… Read more

Sequel-Buzz ranks the Halloween sequels

Since this is the haunting season, we're going to be running down some of horror's best franchises -- and ranking their … Read more

Brian Singer's X-Men sequel plans

Is Brian Singer considering returning to the X-Men franchise? Read on for the buzz... With his once promising ‘'Superman&#… Read more

Independence Day 2 troubles

Read the block quote below from Moviehole to check out the skinny ID4 2 ... For years there’s been rumours of an “Independence Da… Read more

My Super Psycho Sweet 16 promo

This has little to nothing to do with sequels, but thought it was interesting, nonetheless. That show on MTV, "My Super Swe… Read more

American Pie: Book of Love screening

Here's a small update for those of you who still follow the American Pie films. The seventh film is now completed and await… Read more

Texas Chainsaw revs in 3D, new company

Bloody-Disgusting has the latest on the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series, which has been dead-in-the-water since 2006. Well, oth… Read more

Trick 'r Treat sequel galore

MTV ran an interesting story. It appears that Michael Dougherty has some Trick 'r Treat sequel plans up his sleeve -- or sh… Read more

Sixth Vacation film planned

It seems that Newline is moving forth with a new Vacation film...perhaps a little along the lines of Christmas Vacation 2 . Thi… Read more

Venom, a film by Gary Ross

This bit of news comes from THR... Gary Ross is writing “Venom,” Columbia’s “Spider-Man” spinoff based on one of the villains fr… Read more

Tarantino talks Kill Bill vol. 3

This video comes from YouTube user "polanskyzero" -- Quentin Tarantino gives a little bit of details on the thought pro… Read more

David Goyer talks Ghost Rider 2

This comes from Collider... Earlier today I sat down with David Goyer and Brannon Braga and conducted an extensive interview abou… Read more

Transformers 3 release date

This comes from Moviehole... Michael Bay will direct "Transformers 3". But didn't anyone actually doubt he wouldn&… Read more

Simply stunning: H2 fan poster

Words don't describe it, watch for yourself... Read more

Brad Fuller talks Elm Street trailer, F13 2

This comes from the official Platinum Dunes blog... I have to thank many of you. The debut of the teaser was really amazing. Whe… Read more

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