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Scout Taylor-Compton talks Halloween 3

Much like the months before Halloween II started production, Scout Taylor-Compton has gone viral -- this time, in regards to Hal… Read more

Wall Street 2 teaser trailer

Here's the teaser trailer for Wall Street 2 thanks to Moviehole... Read more

Pushing back Fockers

Here's a little Focker news from Moviehole... We won’t be meeting the diaper-staining Focker kids until next December. The … Read more

Kevin Williamson talks Scream 4, no 3D

Here's a very cool story courtesy of IESB. Kevin Williamson finally starts to dish the goods about Scream 4 ...why it won&#… Read more

Guy Ritchie back for Sherlock Holmes 2

The L.A. Times is reporting that director Guy Ritchie will be back in the chair for Sherlock Holmes 2 ... "Sherlock Holmes&q… Read more

Gremlins 3 to be 3D

Does every movie with a "3" in the title have to be 3D nowadays? Ugh. This saddening news comes from MarketSaw... Jim… Read more

Next Spider-Man director is...

It seems that supposed Spider-Man reboot has a director... This comes from Moviehole. Update! : Sony has made it official. Amy P… Read more

Paranormal Activity 2 is on!

Here's some interesting news coming from THR...the Paranormal Activity sequel is rolling...but is it too soon? Something’s m… Read more

My Name Is Bruce 2 news

This is what bruce Campbell told AICN about the sequel to My Name Is Bruce ... Hello everyone. Bruce Campbell here. This urgent … Read more

Iron Man 2 trailer

Here's the Iron Man 2 theatrical trailer for those who haven't seen it... Read more

Wes Craven confirmed for Scream 4...right?

He's in, he's out, he's in...and he's out again. What the hell is going with Wes Craven and Scream 4 ? My thoug… Read more

Mad Max 4 casting news

Teresa Palmer as been cast in the latest installment of the Mad Max films...this comes from The Herald Sun... ACTRESS Teresa Pa… Read more

The Fall of Halloween 3D

Todd Farmer has posted quite a lengthy blog entry about the rise and fall of Halloween 3D. Check it out. Read more

Iron Man 2 in false IMAX

There's really no surprise here, Iron Man 2 will be shown on IMAX screens across the country. Does this mean the film was … Read more

New Jurassic Park trilogy

Some pretty big news came today for all things Jurassic Park with the unofficial announcement of not only a fourth film, but a F… Read more

Ivan Reitman directing Ghostbusters 3!!!

MTV has the exclusive...Ivan Reitman, director of the first two Ghostbusters returns for the third! A few weeks ago, "Ghost… Read more

D4: The Mighty Ducks not happening

The idea for a fourth Mighty Ducks film has been floating around since the 90s, but Moviehole finally put to rest the rumors. … Read more

Raimi and Maquire walk from Spidey 4

So it's no surprise now that Sam Raimi and Tobey Maquire have exited the fourth Spider-Man film. So what does this mean for… Read more

Resident Evil: Afterlife changes dates

The fourth chapter in the Resident Evil has shifted gears just a bit -- actually, just the release date has changed. Thanks to… Read more

Malkovich confirms Spider-Man 4 rumors

Not only is John Malkovich set to be in Spider-Man 4 , but he also confirmed that he is playing "The Vulture", the fil… Read more

Amanda Seyfried out of Momma Mia 2

This comes from IESB in an exclusive interview, it appears that Amanda Seyfried will not be in Momma Mia 2 ...and why...because … Read more

Indiana Jones 5 outrageous?

Coming from seems that the idea that George Lucas has for Indiana Jones 5 is just a tad bit outrageous... The beauty of… Read more

Bill Paxton wants Twister 2

This interesting bit of news comes from Premium Hollywood... In an interview with Bullz-Eye in conjunction with the season premi… Read more

First Meet the Parents 3 pic

Below is the first image from the new untitled Meet the Parents sequel, no longer titled Little Fockers . Nothing much...except… Read more

G.I. Joe 2 has writers

According to IESB, G.I. Joe 2 is going to have two writers... Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have been in the news this week when… Read more

Big Momma's House 3 director

This comes from Production Weekly via Twitter... John Whitesell will return to direct the 2nd sequel to "Big Momma's Ho… Read more

Hatchet 2 video from set

Thanks to YouTube user ArieScope and Bloody-Disgusting for making this available. It's nothing much...but it IS something... Read more

Deadpool has writers

Variety is reporting that the writers of Zombieland have been tapped tapped to write the X-Men spinoff Deadpool , starring Rya… Read more

Spider-Man 4 script rejected

The submitted speculation screenplay for Spider-Man 4 has been rejected by the studio. Now normally this is no big deal, scrip… Read more

Luke Goss in Death Race 2

So Death Race 2 is going to straight to DVD (go figure). And here's what's happening so far... Moviehole can reveal tha… Read more

Dune remake has a director

It appears that the remake of Dune is back on track as it has found a director to take the helm. Thanks to Entertainment Weekly… Read more

Michael Cera wants Ghostbusters 3 role

It appears that Michael Cera ( Superbad , Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist ) wants a role in the third Ghostbusters fil… Read more

Prequel to The Thing rolling

Interested in what's happening with the prequel to John Carpenter's 1982 remake of The Thing ? Well read on to see what … Read more

Hatchet 2 news

This comes from the always entertaining Bloody-Disgusting... With Green hot on the heels of production of HATCHET 2, the writer-… Read more

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