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Bad Boys 3 AND Rambo 5!

This awesome news comes from Moviehole... Umpteen years after co-star Joe Pantoliano told Moviehole's Clint Morris (who is … Read more

Rob Zombie to remake The Blob

This interesting bit of news comes courtesy of Variety. This could be interesting. After reviving the "Halloween" fr… Read more

Best Sequel Ever? YOU Tell Me

So I've been wondering as of late: what is the best sequel ever? Now keep in mind, I have my preferences (mostly horror), bu… Read more

Halloween 3-D in 2010?

This startling news comes from the LA Times... "Halloween II" may not have won the box office this weekend, but Weinst… Read more

The Descent: Part 2 trailer debut

IGN scored the exclusive first look at The Descent: Part 2 ... Read more

Swamp Thing 3-D!

The following comes from Moviehole. A remake of the 1982 Wes Craven film Swamp Thing is going to be remake in 3-D. But, the q… Read more

Second chance: H2 "WWMD" tees!

Here they are again: the "WWMD" tees as seen in Halloween II ... CLICK HERE TO ORDER! $10.00 US Read more

MORE thoughts on Halloween II (2009)

I went and seen Halloween II AGAIN last night. Keep in mind, I wrote my initial review almost immediately after seeing the fil… Read more

Review: Halloween II (2009)

Below you'll find my review for Halloween II ...which I thoroughly enjoyed by the way... Let me start off by stating that t… Read more

Batman 3 in glorious IMAX

It seems that the third Batman film in Christopher Nolan's series will be filmed totally in IMAX. This comes from Moviehole… Read more

Hancock 2 has writers

This little bit of news comes from Moviehole.  It seems that some writers have finally been tapped to pen the sequel to Hancock ,… Read more

Fifth Twilight a possibility

Some news for the Twihards comes out of Moviehole -- could there be a fifth film? Not surprisingly, since the book is fatter than… Read more

Forums to return soon

I have decided to bring the message board back.  Not sure exactly when, but it will return in due time. Read more

Rob Zombie talks leaked H2 trailer

This is a pretty interesting article from Entertainment Weekly , about the new "leaked" trailer for Halloween II . Che… Read more

Brad Fuller gives small Elm Street update

Brad Fuller gave a small update about the remake of A Nightmare On Elm Street on his Twitter page today... Don't give up, i… Read more

Could it be? X-Files 3!

Some interesting news comes from Moviehole, there's been some talk of a possible X-Files 3 ! The Truth is out there... somewh… Read more

First Halloween II clip emerges

Check it... Read more

New Halloween II TV spot "Fight"

Here's the latest TV spot for Dimension Films' latest Myers bout...Rob Zombie's Halloween II ... These commercials se… Read more

Newest New Moon trailer

Eh, for the Twihards... New Moon 2 by officialspunkransom Read more

Death Race 2 is a GO!

How can there be a sequel to Death Race you say? Simple. When a sequel isn't possible, think prequel -- which is exactly w… Read more

Interesting Blair Witch 3 news

Thanks to B-D for the heads up, but a bigger thanks to the BBC for supplying the article. It’s been ten years since “The Blair Wi… Read more

Best Halloween II spot yet?

Could this possibly be the best TV spot for Halloween II yet? You decide...and is it poking fun at The Final Destination ? Read more

Gale Weathers is a mommy in Scream 4

Some really interesting news came earlier via SCI FI Wire. It looks like Gale Weathers will have a child in Scream 4 ... Courte… Read more

Eli Roth talks Thanksgiving

Eli Roth of Hostel and Cabin Fever fame spoke to Bloody-Disgusting about his feature length film Thanksgiving , which is based … Read more

Newly designed logo

Just a small update, the main site logo above has changed. I got a little tired of the Fight Club font face and decided to reve… Read more

Lots of sequel buzz

All credit for this post goes to Moviehole. Click the links, read the stories... - McTeigue on Superman rumors - Writers tappe… Read more

More Scream 4 news

This comes exclusively from iF Magazine...writer Kevin Williamson drops a few bombs about Scream 4-6 . THE SKINNY: While promoti… Read more

Superman to be rebooted

This comes from Moviehole... Those that have read about the whole brouhaha between WB and the Siegels (and if you haven't re… Read more

Lindsay Lohan in Machete!

Call me crazy, but I believe this could be the resurrection of Lindsay Lohan's career...kudos to B-D for the story... "… Read more

Saw VII (7) 3D?!

This very interesting tidbit comes from Arrow In The Head... Hello, boys and girls. I want to play a game. It’s called “Beating … Read more

Katie Holmes in Sex sequel

This also comes from the reliable Moviehole... Don't imagine this is anywhere near a done deal (especially considering repor… Read more

Dante-less Gremlins CGI

This comes from Moviehole... "Gremlins" director Joe Dante has been asked quite a bit in recent times whether or not he… Read more

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