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Review: The Haunted World Of El Superbeasto

The Haunted World Of El Superbeasto Rating : 1.5 out of 5 Format: Blu-Ray - Picture looks great - Director : Rob Zombie Writt… Read more

Halloween 3D production stopped

Here's the skinny on the latest Halloween installment, set to be filmed in 3D. This comes from Deadline Hollywood ... EXCL… Read more

Trejo talks Predators, Sin City 2

This little video interview comes courtesy of Punch Drunk Critics... Read more

Elm Street remake trailer debut

Check out the trailer for Freddy redux... Read more

Danielle Harris in Night of The Living Dead: Origins

Danielle will be starring in the upcoming 3D reboot/prequel "Night Of The Living Dead - Origins ". Danielle "twee… Read more

Neve Campbell Signs for Scream 4!

According to Variety , Bob Weinstein has said that Neve Campbell has signed on to reprise her role of Sidney Prescott in Scream 4… Read more

A little Lost Boys 3 news

This comes from Brad over at B-D... Bloody Disgusting learned this morning that Dario Piana, director of The Deaths of Ian Stone,… Read more

Connery back for Indy 5?

This comes from IOL... Sean Connery is set to return to the ‘Indiana Jones’ franchise. The 79-year-old actor turned down the ch… Read more

Ali Larter back for Resident Evil 4

This welcoming news comes from Bloody-Disgusting... With Sony Screen Gems gearing up to shoot Resident Evil: Afterlife in Toront… Read more

Elm Street documentary trailer

Here's the trailer for the new A Nightmare On Elm Street documentary... Read more

Halloween 3D has writer/director

This comes from B-D... Bloody Disgusting & Dread Central received confirmed word this evening that Patrick Lussier has offic… Read more

Spider-Man 4 gets a release date

The next installment of the money-making Spider-Man franchise has been given a release date, this comes from good guy Clint ove… Read more

Night Of The Living Dead - Origins

Bloody Disgusting reports that Zebediah de Soto is directing a 3D CGI re-imagining of Night of the Living Dead titled "Night… Read more

Newest Saw VI one sheet

IGN had the exclusive on the new Saw VI one sheet... Read more

Silent Hill 2 tidbits

This comes from Moviehole... Despite earlier reports suggesting he wouldn't be involved (granted, that was 2007 when he said … Read more

Bruce Campbell talks Spider-Man 4

Moviehole interviewed cult movie fave Bruce Campbell...and in the interview he revealed a few details about the hush-hush fourth… Read more

Pirates 4 gets title, release date

The fourth chapter in the Pirates of the Caribbean saga has officially been given a title...and a release date. The film will … Read more

Derek Mears addresses new Jason rumors

The fine folks over at HorrorBid updated their site today with an interesting article where Derek Mears (Jason Voorhees in the Fr… Read more

Plan 9 from Outer Space Teaser Trailer

Yesterday (9-9-09) the teaser trailer for John Johnson's remake of Plan 9 From Outer Space (simply titled Plan 9) hit the we… Read more

Is Point Break 2 dead in the water?

This may come as a surprise to some, but to the majority of fans who have been following the news on Point Break: Indo closely,… Read more

Jeepers Creepers 3: Cathedral

In a recent interview with Dread Central, Jeepers Creepers 1 and 2 director Victor Salva gave them an update on the long awaited… Read more

Review: Black Santa's Revenge

Black Santa's Revenge (2007) Unrated Written And Directed By David Walker Star Rating * * Out Of * * * * * Originally a com… Read more

Rampage is new Mr. T -- in A-Team redux

Wow, it seems like a lot of UFC fighters are making major movie news as of late, but this rumor is actually true. And for this … Read more

Sheen back for Wall Street 2

Charlie Sheen is returning to reprise his role in upcoming sequel to Wall Street , a film about the consequences of insider trad… Read more

Suspiria begins in 2010

Producer Luca Guadagino tells Variety that the Suspiria remake is still alive and will begin filming in 2010. David Gordon G… Read more

Children Of The Corn gets another remake

We all know that SyFy will be broadcasting it's remake of the popular Stephen King story on September 26th, but..... Varie… Read more

Lussier in talks for HALLOWEEN 3D

Despite the recent confirmation from Variety, Bloody-Disgusting reports that My Bloody Valentine director Patrick Lussier is onl… Read more

Resident Evil 5 planned after 4

The fifth film in the Resident Evil series is set to be a semi-reboot. I guess it's a prequel, really. It'll tell the… Read more

The TRUTH about Halloween 3D

This bit of information comes from a VERY reliable source via Courtesy of thewholefknshow ... I just spent th… Read more

Scream, Halloween rights open for bidding?

Many sites are reporting that The Weinstein Company is in serious trouble. And judging by their recent flops, this could be true… Read more

Tim Sylvia to play Jason Voorhees in F13 2?

This comes from Former UFC heavyweight champion “Maine-iac” Tim Sylvia (24-6) is currently in Boston playing hor… Read more

Beavis and Butthead 2?!

This comes from Cinema Blend. Interesting -- and I honestly can't wait to see what comes of this...could it be a sequel or r… Read more

Submit a Scoop

If you know of some sequel news that Sequel-Buzz doesn't, feel free to send to us -- and remember -- you will get FULL credit… Read more

Boondock Saints II trailer!

Here is the trailer for the highly anticipated sequel Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day , courtesy of IGN... Read more

30 Days of Night 2 director unveiled

This comes from the one, the only, Bloody-Disgusting... Bloody Disgusting has exclusively learned that Ben Ketai has been tapped … Read more

Small American Pie 7 update

I e-mailed American Pie: Book of Love screenwriter David Steinberg and asked about the status of the latest Pie chapter and thi… Read more

Cabin Fever 2 director dislikes his sequel

This shocking news comes from /Film and thanks to B-D for pointing it out. So the director of Cabin Fever 2 , Ti West, is dissa… Read more

Teen Wolf to be an MTV series

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 1985 hit Teen Wolf is not going be remade, but rather turned into a series for MTV. H… Read more

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